A Potty Tale

Today, I am working with Will on using the potty.  I didn’t plan it this way, but he seems interested so we’ll go with it.  Earlier, he came and told me he pooped.  I told him to get a new diaper and we’ll go change.  He came back and said he didn’t have any more diapers.  !!!  (Insert lightbulb above head here!)  (A while ago, I asked him what would happen if he didn’t have more diapers, and he said he’d go in his pants!)  So, I told him Mommy has no diapers either and what does Mommy do?  He said, “Pee and poop in potty!”  So I said “You can do that too!”  So we changed, and I was thinking he’d give me a hard time about it, in which case he’d go back in a diaper.  But he seemed OK with it so I put the Elmo potty out for him so he wouldn’t have to rush for the bathroom.  So far, he has put all his pees in it and I have not had to clean the carpet.

However, I am totally expecting to find a large pile of poop in his room later.  I am hoping being partly naked will help him remember what his body does and he will definitely remember he has no diaper on!  Whereas even with plain underwear on, I think he forgets or just gets so wrapped up in what he is doing that he doesn’t want to stop to take the time to go.  So we are going to try this for today and see what happens.

Today, I am going to make a dump cake.  It’s where you dump everything in a pan and bake it.  The recipe is simple – one can of apple or cherry pie filling in the bottom of a 13×9 pan, then a can of crushed pineapple.  Then a white cake mix, then a bag of coconut, then a small bag of pecans, then 2 sticks of melted butter.  Then bake it for 1 hour at 350.  You don’t stir it or anything, just dump it all in layers and bake it.  A friend of mine makes it for get-togethers and it’s really, really good!  And Clane wanted pork chops for dinner this week… not my favorite thing but it’s easy and we haven’t had them in a long time.  I just don’t enjoy pig much unless it’s the heavily salted/processed kind, like bacon and ham!

Last week I did not blog much because we were out a lot.  The weather was beautiful – mid to upper 70’s and sunny!  It was great.  Then came the weekend and I was back in the Columbia parka again!  On Friday we went to a huge church rummage sale and I got Will’s outerwear for next winter, plus a bunch of other clothes for both kids and a few toys.  Then I went to a bunch of garage sales on Saturday and was a bit disheartened.  I did find an umbrella stroller for Sophie for $5 but didn’t find a baby monitor (why do you see them everywhere when you don’t need one?) and it seemed like I looked at way more than I bought.  I guess I got spoiled by the huge church sale where everything was in one room.  I like garage sales, but it’s irritating to waste a bunch of time (since my child free time is limited!!!) to drive around and not have much to show for it!

We have decided to join a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) this summer.  You pay a fee, and get fresh produce, whatever is ready, each week.  I can post the website when they have one up!  It’s about 15 minutes from here and they have chickens so we’ll get eggs too.  It’s a great way to support a local farmer and eat local produce.  They are not certified organic but working on it.  I’m excited!

No big plans for this week.  We will go to our usual Wednesday playgroup and I have a few other errands to run this week as well.  Maybe we need a quiet week after being on the go last week!  The weather is supposed to be cool so that will be OK for now.  We got spoiled by such summery weather!


2 thoughts on “A Potty Tale

  1. I freaking love dump cake! My mom does too but she hates that its called dump cake..haha.

    Good luck with potty training! I’m so glad to be done with it!!!

  2. I’ve never heard of making a cake like that. Very interesting. I usually make one-bowl brownies if I don’t want the messsy clean up.
    As for potty training, a friend of mine had her toddler go without diapers for a whole week. She also made the kid sit on the potty for one minute every hour or so to make sure he didn’t have to go. Worked for her. Good luck!

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