Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, 6 years already!  I can’t believe it’s been that long, I guess having kids will do that to you, changing your perception of time.

It was a pretty nice day.  Except for Sophie’s sleep (screwed up as usual), I was feeling pretty good.  We spent a lot of the day working outside.  It was nice and warm, it got up to about 76 I think.  I finished weeding removing sod from the front flower bed and almost finished cleaning up the mess I made while cleaning up!  (Why does that always happen?)  We decided we are going to get a load of dirt and try to fix the grade around the house.  We at least need to make sure that’s right before we pursue anything else to keep water out of our basement.  We will probably also need a truck load of mulch.  We also talked about totally redoing the front, removing the old sidewalk and shrubs and laying it out differently.  It would be a lot of work but it would make the front of our house look SO much better!  We’ll see how much ambition we have and how quickly it dies once it starts hitting 90 this summer!  (My peas are coming up too!)

Since we both have birthdays coming up, we had decided to keep anniversary gifts small as well as mother’s and father’s day.  I got Clane a new insulated lunch box with some neat containers that are watertight and have a vent for the microwave.  Clane got me one of those edible bouquets (has some chocolates on it!) and a gift certificate to this awesome yarn store in Freeland called Apple Valley Yarn Co.  (No website yet I don’t think!)  Then we went to dinner at this little place downtown called Molly’s.  It has a pricier menu than most, but works out fine for a special occasion.

Our friend Annie (who was in our wedding and is Will’s godmother) agreed to baby sit.  We left her the cell phone number and she also asked for the number at Molly’s.  I didn’t think anything about that, because cell phones don’t always get good signals in buildings (at least not around here!) and if I were baby sitting I’d ask for the same information.

So, we went and had our dinner.  The food was really good, very fresh, and pretty!  (It’s nice when the kitchen cares about how things look!)  We definitely want to go back and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nicer place than Bennigans.  We were there for probably 2 hours total (nice long dinner, I like that!) and when we asked for the bill, the waitress said it had already been paid!  We told her we had not paid it, and she told us that Annie had paid it!!!  She had planned it all along, and called them while we were there!  Neither of us had been more surprised by any gift we’d ever gotten.  We brought home a big slab of chocolate cake for her.  (Unfortunately, she paid for that too, as it was part of our tab.  And we thought we’d pay the babysitter with cake!)

I didn’t mention what we had!  We started with a nice bottle of Riesling.  (I forget the name, Black Star maybe?)  We had baked brie for an appetizer.  Then Clane got tomato bisque soup, and I had a Michigan salad (had dried cherries, blue cheese, pine nuts, apple and other stuff).  For dinner, I had grilled tuna (rare) with potatoes and green beans, and Clane had surf and turf (steak and stuffed lobster tail) with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  For dessert, I had tiramisu and Clane had lemon tart.  It was all very good.  And the service was excellent too, all around a very nice place to eat.

It’s about time we had some good days.  It seems like it’s been nothing but bad nights and sickness and other irritations for months on end.  The kids have loved being outside with all this warm weather so I think that’s helping.  (Of course that means I get nothing done in here, but isn’t that always how it goes?)


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