Ahhh, Phenergan

This stomach bug or whatever it is that started in the middle of last week is still hanging around.  Sophie woke me up at 3 this morning and was up for over an hour.   My husband came in to help and once he got her to sleep, I was up.  For the day.  I swear, I married the sweetest man alive, he stayed home from work today because I had to get sleep.  I could barely eat anything this morning, but I was crazy thirsty so I downed 3 big glasses of water.  There is something we medical people do called a “skin turgor test”, it’s where you take a pinch of skin and it should snap right back, well mine didn’t and I knew I was pretty dried out.  I managed to get a little bit of sleep and when I woke up I finally gave in and called my doctor to ask if she would be willing to call something in for me.  I could tell by how Sophie was nursing that my supply was down as well.  I’ve just had so much trouble getting enough to eat and drink.  Fortunately I can keep things down but it’s getting them down in the first place that’s been so hard.

Thankfully they were more than happy to call in some Phenergan (it has multiple uses, one of them is that it works great for nausea).  Clane went and got it for me and I took one and went straight to bed.  I slept like a rock for 3 hours (it’s been ages since I got that much sleep at a time) and when I woke up I was finally able to eat.  I’ve managed to eat several times since then and drink too (although I need to really try to stay on that since I’m constantly losing fluid through my milk).  The only trouble with Phenergan is that it’s terribly sedating.  Great for when you need to sleep but could be tricky tomorrow – might try taking 1/2 tablet and see if I can get at least a little relief without falling asleep standing up.  I will take one tonight before I go to bed or earlier if I am starting to feel queasy again.  I can’t believe how weak and tired I feel, but it’s really been 5 days since I’ve been able to really eat a meal.  The stuff is like magic.  I think one of the problems is that NOT eating has made me more queasy too, but too queasy to eat.  If that makes any sense.

One of these days everyone in this house will be OK.  Will puked once yesterday but he was fine today.  I would love to blog about something other than our eating/puking issues.  Maybe later in the week.  For now I am going to enjoy my 7-Up on ice and my nice table water crackers.  At least I don’t have to choke them down.


One thought on “Ahhh, Phenergan

  1. Goodness, sounds so awful that you are ill. I hope you all get well very soon! A stomach bug can be so nasty. I´ve been again away from the blogland for a while, so trying to catch up everything – and more – going on. By the way, lovely header picture you have there with the crocuses! : ) Get well soon!!

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