This week was not that exciting, except for Sophie and I having a lovely bout with some kind of GI bug.  I will spare the poopy/pukey details but it was not fun.  I would rather have a cold any day.  Fortunately the actual puking didn’t last that long, but I sure do hate feeling awful like that!  Yuck.  I feel better today but my morning coffee did not settle well so that leaves me tired as usual.

Sophie has decided that her literal 2 minute nap was enough.  We have to go out later on and I’m sure she will sleep in the car.  I might not get a shower before we go out but I’ll live.  I swear, when the kids are in school I am going to sleep and sleep and sleep.  And I’ll take showers until the hot water tank runs dry, and the house will be spotless, I’ll even scrub the ceilings (well, not really).  At least I got both of them to go back to sleep at 7 this morning when Will woke up yelling because Clane had already left for work.  Thank goodness because I’d really be a bear today.  Caffeine withdrawal plus leftover stomach bug plus chronic sleep deprivation makes a really cranky person!

We got over 1/2 inch of rain last night and we are going to get more tonight.  I haven’t been to the basement yet today but Clane cleaned out the gutters really well last weekend so hopefully we won’t get any water inside.  I came from a hilly place, and my childhood home was perched on the side of a hill with a walkout basement… so it always stayed dry!

We continue our search for property.  There are a couple that we looked into last year that have been reduced, and even with the lowered prices, there are still too many things wrong with them to consider making an offer.  One of them is long and narrow with a driveway AND a waterway cutting straight through the center of it, and the other one has NO road frontage at all!!  And a house that has so much wrong with it, we would never get a chance to build.  You’d think, with the market the way it is, that we would have a better choice, but we don’t!  Ugh.

I thought I would call this post ‘I haven’t posted in a while” but I decided to call it “negatives” instead.  Because after I read this over, I realized I’m feeling pretty negative today.  I’m just tired of things going wrong, being tired, being sick, and turning up short.  It’s getting really old.


2 thoughts on “Negatives

  1. You have *no* idea how much I hope that things turn around for you, Liz. You’ve been through a *lot*, and that’s an understatement! I’m sorry that you and Sophie had that nasty bug; it seems to be making its rounds, unfortunately. 😦 Oh yes, regular colds I can deal with! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better now, though, and hope your hubby and son don’t catch it! Have a wonderful weekend! Next week HAS to be better!!!

  2. On days like this I try to remember that it can only get easier.

    And then I get (another) glass of wine… 😉 Oh, Ian puked today; twice.

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