Digging in the dirt

Yesterday the weather here was absolutely beautiful!  It was in the lower 60’s and we all spent most of the day outside.  I managed to almost finish the mess in the front.  When it came down to it, I just couldn’t bear to kill my tulips, crocuses and daffodils, so I painstakingly unwound all the weed roots and things from around each of them.  I did break off a couple of buds so they might not bloom this year, but at least I didn’t kill them.  Once I got done digging up ALL the iris, it started to go much more quickly.  The soil is nice and soft and moist right now, but in another month or two when it starts to get dry, it will set up like concrete.  It’s amazing how much better it looks now, the bare dirt looks better than all the weeds!  I’ve been waiting for 4 years to do this!

We had started some seeds inside earlier this year and they were getting very stringy looking so I planted those yesterday too.  I am afraid they will freeze, since it’s really early to be planting young plants, but they were probably not going to make it inside anymore without some serious repotting and I just wasn’t going to do that.  Hopefully they will be OK but some of them were not looking very good!  It’s still early enough to plant some seeds if Will is interested.  No activity yet where I planted peas, but it will take 1-2 weeks for those to come up.

Sophie was so funny playing in the dirt!  When I gave her a bath later, she had dirt in her ears even!  I would hand her a clump of dirt or a chunk of sod and she would talk to it and yell at it as she was picking at it.  She sat by me for a long time while I dug.  She is so funny!  I even saw a worm run (boy did I dig up a lot of those), I swear I never saw a worm crawl as fast as that one did!  Sophie even found a wooly bear caterpillar that hadn’t quite woken up yet.  I think it was the first time Will ever saw one.  The outdoors is one big biology lesson I think!  I love showing him stuff outside and in nature.

No pictures yet, but when we get the front done and mulched, I’ll make sure to get some up!  It is supposed to be even warmer today (64 I saw) but we are going to Clane’s former co-worker’s house.  I need to grocery shop too, but I haven’t gone out to get the paper yet to check the ads.  Otherwise nothing that exciting happening here.


One thought on “Digging in the dirt

  1. Thanks for your kind comment in my blog! Oh, it really seems you´ve had quite an adventureous week! Those kitchen nightmares happen sometimes, when even everything unimaginable goes wrong. But glad to hear nothing serious happend with the glass, it´s so nasty. It is so nice to hear you can do a lot of gardening already. We actually too, there is NO snow anymore, I have even sat in our garden swing and had a coffee break there this week. But no flowers yet, we still have t wait for daffodils, tulips, crocusses etc. I wish I had more time for garden things, I love that work. But also completely out of shape after the winter sitting behind the computer and sewing machine. I´m already afraid how much pain I will have in my muscles after a couple of hours work in the garden soon…. ; )

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