The time has come for gardening

Today I did my first real gardening of the year. And OH MY am I not used to the work out of shape! Our front flower bed is especially bad. It’s to the point where the only thing that will help make it ALL truly better is to dig up EVERYTHING, poison the crap out of the bits of weeds that got missed, replant only what I want and really get truly enough mulch to cover the ground as much as it’s supposed to. One half inch just won’t cut it.

I got about 1/4 of the front dug up. I have some very happy iris that have been there FOREVER and had spread over a large area. So I am trying to hack through tubers and weeds that are tangled around each other to get to the dirt and I wound up hauling a bunch of iris/weed laden sod to the side of the yard. Maybe they will grow there and maybe they will die but I still have only dug up half of them. So if anyone in the area wants some very large white bearded iris, they might bloom for ya this summer (but if not this year, then next year). Just let me know, bring a bucket and I’ll show you where I’ve dumped them. I also have some crocus and daffodils with buds that I really don’t wish to disturb, but they will have to get moved when I break out the roundup. I really don’t like using stuff like that but I don’t know what else to do, it’s horribly overgrown. The last two summers I’ve spent pregnant, and then with a small baby so now I’ve got baby gardens.

I have also planted some sugar snap peas near the steps to the deck, so I hope they come up nicely and we have peas to snack on. Will’s baby pumpkin plants have buds on them already so I’m anxiously waiting to put those out too.

I am already pretty achy so I dread how I will feel tomorrow morning when I wake up. I’ve got inside stuff to do tomorrow and there is a chance of rain so I’ll be able to sit on my fat a** give my body a break!

I have also discovered that Sophie loves to play in the dirt.  And eat it.  And throw it.  When I gave her a bath tonight, it was everywhere – in her hair, up her nose, even in her ears!  She was one dirty baby girl!  Should be a fun summer!


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