Happy April Fool’s Day

Last night, we all went down to the basement because we all had work to do down there.  I wanted to go through some things to donate to Goodwill and put toys in bins, and Clane was going to work on the computer.  Until we saw the water.  Not only did the water come in at it’s usual location, but it came in at other parts of the basement as well.  We often get water in one corner because there is a valley in the roof and the gutters needed cleaning.  But on the north side of the house, there is a drainage ditch that is completely full (no thanks to all the construction a couple of years ago that was supposed to FIX that problem).  Also, the ground was frozen solid two days ago because it’s in the shade of the house.   When I walked past that area yesterday, the ground was very wet and squishy.

Needless to say, Clane spent the rest of the evening vacuuming up the water with the shop vac.  It was coming in as fast as he was sucking it up.   He said he probably dumped over 50 gallons of it.   He also was down there at 2 this morning and again at 8:30.  I went and checked a little while ago and there was water but not enough to vacuum, so I will check again in another hour and see what is going on.

We got 1.62 inches of rain here yesterday, which is over double the amount we had for the whole rest of the month of March.  And the ground is quite wet from all the snow that melted (thank goodness that happened slowly).

This is a totally true story by the way.  No April Fool’s Day here.  I’ll be checking the basement every two hours and will vacuum at least once, possibly twice.  It has stopped raining but one of the larger local rivers, the Tittabawassee, is forecasted to flood sometime tomorrow.

The refrigerator is working great, though, I love it!  I especially loved putting the groceries away this weekend.  I used to dread it because the old one was a pain.  And, I did find a new pan just like the one I broke.  AND, I also got myself some gluten to add to my whole wheat bread, it’s made it much better and a lot less crumbly.  We’re all happy to have non-messy sandwiches again.

Oh, and I’m pregnant.


4 thoughts on “Happy April Fool’s Day

  1. Okay, I’m only a little behind in my blog reading… preggo — ha! You’d have to put me in the loony bin if I found out I was pg again…

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