Kitchen (mis)adventure

There was a lot of excitement in our kitchen today – both good and bad.  For the good, we got a new refrigerator!  It’s a Samsung, with a freezer on the bottom, French doors and ice/water in the door.  It’s a dream!  I love it!  It is going to take me a little getting used to, because there are so many ways to configure the inside.  Obviously I’m thrilled to have ice and cold water, that’s great… sure wish I’d had that when I was pregnant, but I’ll take it now for sure!  After the delivery people came and set it up, I was putting the food back and thinking that it felt like moving to a new house.  A lot of things, you put them somewhere just so they have a place, and you figure they will wind up in a better place eventually.  That’s kind of how it went with the fridge today.

“Sam” as I’ve decided to call it, is a BEAST.  They had to take the front door off the hinges to get it in the house, and this was after they already removed all the handles.  Clane had to move the cabinets to make room for it, Sam is just under 36 inches wide, and the space is about 36 1/4 inch at the most!  Plus we have this weird thing with the carpet and vinyl, they meet up right UNDER the fridge.  (I can’t wait to RIP out the carpet, I’d rather have bare floor boards than that awful stuff!)  All went well with the water line and getting the old fridge out to the garage.  (There was a big scaryChewbacca under the old fridge!)

So after the fridge was loaded and Sophie had her nap, I took the kids to Dow Gardens to see the butterfly exhibit.  It was neat, we enjoyed it and I got us a season pass so we can go visit anytime for the rest of the year.  It’s a nice place to walk and an interesting place to visit.

When we got home, I started dinner.  (This is the beginning of the bad part.)  I made up a batch of almond milk, since Will and I are avoiding cow milk for now.  I should have gotten the hint when I discovered I didn’t put the bottom of the blender together like a car part (LOL) and it leaked all over.  Then I spilled a bunch of it when I was trying to strain it.  What a mess!  So I got it all done and put some chicken in the oven.  Nice, huge, organic chicken breasts.  They were partly frozen so I was hoping they would be done in time.  They smelled SO good.  They had been frozen together in one place so I took them out of the oven to separate and season them a little better, and saw some drippings getting kind of brown in the bottom of the pan.  I decided to add a little water, and when I did, BLAM!!!!!  GLASS EVERYWHERE!!!  THANKFULLY the kids were not in the room at the time and I immediately ran and shut the baby gate to keep them in the living room.  OH what a mess!  It took me probably 45 minutes to clean up all that glass, and partially cooked chicken drippings.  That pan literally had one piece that was about 8 x 2 inches and the rest was BITS.  And it didn’t just shatter into pieces, it shattered into shards and splinters that I couldn’t even see until I was wiping it down with a paper towel.  Ugh!

Now at this point I decided I was too stupid to cook dinner so we would be going out, for Mexican food, and I was going to get a big margarita!  (We did by the way, and I did!)  But there was glass everywhere, on everything, and I wound up mopping the floor and putting all the containers and lids and pots that Sophie had been playing with in the sink.  It was a horrible, huge mess.  I am just thankful I did it with the chicken on the stove top and not in the oven!  And that the kids were not in the room.  I know I totally disobeyed the laws of physics and I know better than to put cold liquid on hot glass, but I swear I’ve put water in that pan before, and nothing happened, in fact I know I’ve done it many times.  It’s Pyrex and I thought that stuff was pretty much immune to exploding!  Anyway I know I won’t be doing that again!   The really sad part, is that I lost one of my favorite baking dishes, it was a nice size and I used it all the time… also I decided to toss the chicken… good, expensive organic chicken, because the idea of eating small glass shards was highly unappealing.

The beef chimichanga was mighty good though!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Kitchen (mis)adventure

  1. Where did you go for your Mexican? I would love to get some good Mexican food.

    Glad no one was hurt in the explosion.

  2. Oh no! You poor thing. I did that once too. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Oskar…perhaps we think we are immune to the consequences of natural laws? Bad Pyrex! Bad!
    Good margarita….good….mmmmm…

  3. Oy! Glad you were all okay — I wondered what the reference was to broken glass today, but didn’t get a chance to ask!

    Have fun with the new fridge! 🙂

  4. Youch! I’ve done that too. Pyrex is not immune to exploding. At least you got a margarita out of it! I hope the glass is gone.

    The new fridge sounds magnificent! The moving it, not so much. We’re moving in a month so I’m going to be all nervous now after hearing tales of having to remove doors from their hinges!

  5. Oh my dear, what an adventure!!! That sounds like a day in the life if ME! You poor thing!

    Aren’t ginormous fridges fun?? Ours is the same width, maybe an inch less, either way the thing is a tank and cabinets had to be cut into and doors had to be taken off to get it in.

    Glad everyone is okay and you got a good meal and stiff drink out of it. 🙂

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