We had a busy, but good day yesterday. In the morning we did Easter baskets. It was the first time I had put Easter baskets together, since last year I was a little busy with a newborn and before that, Will was too little. It was a lot of fun to see him find his little surprises! Then, we went to church, and they have a nice children’s part of the service right near the beginning. After that, I took Will to see what all the older kids were going to do. They practiced a song (so Will got to sit and watch) and after that, drew pictures of Easter eggs to color (I always find it interesting how many Pagan traditions find their way into Christian holidays). I helped a couple of kids draw the outline of their eggs and then when they went back into the church to sing their son, Will and I headed back to the pew to find Clane and Sophie. After church, we went home, had lunch and put the kids to bed.

I made bread again, this time with white whole wheat flour. It has a good, strong wheat taste but I need a little help getting the stuff to rise. I want to get a nice lofty loaf like I get with my white bread, so my father in law suggested a little wheat gluten. I will try that next time with a little bit of honey, I’ve got 10 pounds of that kind of flour so there is going to be a lot of bread made from it in the next couple of weeks!

Once the kids woke up, we went to my in-laws’ house for supper. My mother in law hid a bunch of eggs for Will to find and that was fun! I’ll make sure to do that for him here next year. We had prime rib for dinner which was spectacularly good and I brought a loaf of dense, but very tasty bread to share. Then on the way home, Sophie fell asleep in the car (at 7 pm, not a good thing at all!) so she was up very late, til about 11:30. We finished a movie after that and went to bed.

Clane has today off too and after Sophie woke up, we did some shopping and we priced refrigerators. We are going to go with a Samsung. It feels like such a decadent purchase, it’s a huge stainless steel thing with French doors on top (I call them barn doors LOL) and water/ice, and a bottom freezer. It’s really got a lot of features I would want in a fridge and I am hoping we will have it for the next 20 years. For something long term, we figure we should get just what we want because we’ll have to live with it! It had good ratings at Consumer Reports so that’s helpful too. We had to move cabinets to make enough room for it! They are going to deliver it on Thursday. I haven’t gotten a new appliance since about 1995 when my dad got me a washing machine for Christmas. I still have it, it’s a Speed Queen and it’s gone through several years of cloth diapers and it’s never needed repairs. Not sure if they make them anymore but it sure has been a good washer in case anyone is looking!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and a good Easter however you celebrate it, if you celebrate it. In any case, I’m happy it’s spring. Can’t wait to get outside and dig EVERYTHING out of the front flower bed. I really want to yank out the shrubs with the truck… rrrrrmmmmmm…. RRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Oops, sorry, had to let my inner redneck out there for a second!


3 thoughts on “Easter

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  2. What a nice Easter! 🙂 If you run out of gardening at your house, come on over here…I think my MIL despairs at how careless I am about my flower beds. 😉

    Today was fun!

  3. if you are “redneck” for wanting to pull scrubs out with the truck, then my husband runs a redneck business. Sometimes the only way to get a huge old nasty root system out if with a hefty chain and a truck 🙂 I like helping with that part too..

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