Eh, not much happening

I haven’t posted in quite a few days so I thought I should.  🙂  Things are pretty  much the same here.  The kids are getting over their colds, and I am getting a sore throat.  I am hoping slightly warmer weather will come soon so we can all go outside.  We really need winter to be over!  I’m sick of it.

We went grocery shopping and the price of food and other consumables continues to rise.  I about fell on the floor when I saw how much diapers had gone up.   The price of a regular sized pack of Pampers went up a dollar in a week!  It actually made the unbleached, “natural” ones more within my price range.  Thankfully Sophie is in cloth all the time except night, so she uses 1 disposable per day.  Will is not in cloth but I could put him back in cloth if I was motivated… at his age he isn’t going through many diapers anymore.  It seems like we came out of there with a half cart full and it was still the same total as last week.  Of course that included some over the counter medicine, toilet paper, and diapers.  I am afraid things will only continue to get worse.  I guess we (society) have been living off credit for too long.  I just can’t see how this is going to get better any time soon, especially since people are not making more money.  I think going out to dinner would be the first thing to go for us.  It seems like my own cooking has tasted better to me than going out, unless it’s pizza (just can’t duplicate the pizza oven!) or sushi (don’t know where to get sushi-grade fish, nor am I wanting to consume a big block of raw tuna in one day, since it probably needs to be eaten right away).

We had kind of a miserable, rainy, damp, dreary day today.  Rain is fine.  I am glad it didn’t snow, although we had some mild icing last night.  It was already starting to melt by the time I got up.

On the knitting front – I found a pattern to make kitchen scrubbies.  I’m addicted to making them!  They are crochet (although you can knit them too) and I won’t need to buy those green abrasive pads anymore!  I’ve got a use for the awful acrylic yarn I have now.  They are a quick project and fun to make.  I’ve got some kitchen cotton to use as well but the acrylic is more abrasive and will probably hold up better in the long run.   I have enough yarn to probably make at least 20 of them if not more.  I’ve also just about finished one sock for my friend Anne.  I need to close the toe and I can start the second one.  And I’ve been working on Sophie’s cotton striped cardigan.  I have about 1/3 of 1 sleeve done and both the front pieces and the back.  Once I get the sleeves done it should be easy from there.  Oh, and I lost my Calorimetry head band!  I’m sad.  I wanted to show it to another friend who really likes headbands and likes to knit… but I don’t know where it is.  One of the kids probably put it somewhere weird, like in the bag of cat food.

Off to go check the bag of cat food.


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