Bread update for those concerned :)

I am happy to say that the other two loaves of bread came out of the pans without the damage of the first.  It seems that letting them sit allowed the steam to loosen them somewhat.  The only problem is that they are not very tall so you need 4 slices to make a sandwich!  I think the trouble was that I didn’t let it knead long enough.  I experimented with making 3 loaves at once and the pans are also bigger than my old ones.  I will have to change my approach the next time.  I still made my husband two skinny sandwiches for lunch today!

I think I am going to oil my pans before I put them away.  To get a little bit of seasoning on them, hopefully!

The loaf that got all torn up will be eaten!  So don’t worry.  🙂  It’s pretty chewy bread but very tasty!  I think I needed more flour in it too.  I guess that’s what happens when I don’t use a recipe and experiment!   I’ll try again in a few days when we are out of bread.


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