My God, it never ends…

We are sick, sick, sick.  I have a pretty bad cold, head all stuffed up again, coughing up crap, low grade fever.  My throat and chest burn when I walk around too much, and I get all worn out.  Sophie is still running a fever on and off, has a runny nose… AGAIN… I am really getting really tired of this!  We haven’t been able to get out and see friends at all.  Poor Will is stuck inside with the same old, same old stuff to do.   We planted some seeds to start inside for something different to do.  And he got out his huge legos to play with.  But, this is making me very unhappy.  I was up with Sophie from 4 am on this morning, because she was warm and her nose was all blocked up.

I am getting a small bit of knitting done for Anne at Mombastic (see blog roll!).  I am making her a pair of socks.  Her birthday is in July so I am hoping I can get them done by then.  I’m enjoying the colors that she likes, and I find knitting relaxing (I need all the help I can get!).

Otherwise just taking the vitamins and trying to get better!  This is really not fun.


One thought on “My God, it never ends…

  1. Hi Liz! Thanks a lot for your kind comment in my blog. Nice to meet you! : )
    I´m sorry to read you are so sick. You know, I had the same problem a short while ago. I also had the strep throat and every time I tried to swallow, I could have hacked my head off. It hurt so much! In total I was sick for about a month, and had to take two different prescriptions of antibiotics. The first one did not help properly and then I received a medicin called Dalacin 300 mg and that seemed to help. I guess they have this med in the US as well. Maybe you could ask your doctor, if your throat won´t get better…?
    Now I think I´m well again (knocking on wood it won´t come back!) Happy weekend to you all! Mirka

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