The last of the birthday festivities

We wound up have two very small birthday parties for Sophie. The first one was just us, Tuesday night. Since she is too little to ask for a special meal, I made her organic mac and cheese from a box and green beans, then organic chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing for dessert. She loved her meal and the cake! After that we helped her open presents. We got her a couple of heavy wood puzzles, one with knobs on the pieces and the other one with various latches that can be done and undone. We got her some clothes too, and a very old fashioned toy that I had when I was little! I don’t know what they are called, but it’s a little metal can, with a noise maker inside, and when you tip it upside down, it says “maaaaaa” like a sheep! She also got some books and a hand carved turtle from her Grandpa Oak Tree (that’s what Will calls my dad), some doll clothes from my mom, a nice jacket from her great aunt and uncle, and some spring clothes from one of her Godmothers.

I found out that there is going to be another box coming from Finland and I’m so excited!! We recently sent them a bunch of stuff (see Tanja’s Blog) and they are enjoying it!

We were all feeling a little off this week, but Sophie didn’t have any more croupy coughing at all. Then, Friday afternoon she started with a fever, almost 102. It came down easily with medication and she’s been running a low fever on and off since. She has her 1 year check up tomorrow so we will address it then. I am sure it’s viral, she has been running around playing and generally happy so I don’t think it’s her ears or anything like that.

Today, we had our family party. Grandma and Grandpa came back from Florida and my husband’s brother and sister in law, and our niece and nephew came too. We got a cake from a local bakery, Hamilton’s. Their cake is SO good! And we decided to get some sub sandwiches this time instead of cooking, so we got a party platter from Jimmy John’s. I also cut up some veggies to dip and put out some chips, and made punch. It was a good meal, and Sophie enjoyed the cake again! (I will be putting the pictures in Shutterfly so if anyone wants to see them, let me know.) Her Aunt and Uncle got her a musical Gloworm toy and her grandparents got her some clothes and a big pink car for outside in the spring. It’s hard having kids with cold weather birthdays, because people want to get them outside stuff, yet it’s still going to be a while before we can play with outside stuff, especially Sophie!

Now we are all birthdayed out. Mine is coming up in May and usually we just go out for dinner, Clane’s is in June, then after that, our house is set til November again.

I just wish we would get well. Dear Husband gave me two mornings of lovely sleep this weekend, but I still feel run down. I think the mono is back. We are all feeling a little “off” and it stinks because I miss getting out, we haven’t seen friends in weeks now. We are all getting a little loopy! Let’s hope it’s a better week.


One thought on “The last of the birthday festivities

  1. I totally didnt mean to ignore Sophie’s birthday! I cant believe it just slipped my mind. Feb was a really rough month for us (we lost a very close friend to cancer on the 17th) and March so far hasnt been much better. School is so hard right now, omgosh so hard.

    I cant believe she is a whole year old! It sounds like you had a wonderful time together!!

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