Happy Birthday Sophie!!

As I write this, 1 year ago RIGHT NOW, I was almost FINALLY DONE with nearly 34 hours of labor, plus another 8-10 from two nights before!!  This is how it went after I got my epidural around midnight.  I finally crashed and had light sleep, but it was at least sleep, til about 6 or 7 in the morning.  I realized I was wet, and when I gave a little push, more fluid.  So I woke up my husband (who was sleeping in one of those horrid little fold out beds) and we called the nurse.  She came to see us and I’d progressed to 6!  When the doctor stopped by after a while, I was still 6 with bulging forewaters, so she broke it the rest of the way.  That was probably around 8 am.  About 9 am, I felt the urge to push.  I was only 7 cm at that point but the urge was so strong, I felt totally out of control and totally crazy.  (I recognized this feeling from my first birth and was pretty unhappy because the first time around, this stage lasted a LONG time!)  One of the nurses came in and helped us get through quite a few contractions, and after maybe 20 minutes, I was nearly complete, with a small lip.  So, she said “Let’s see what you can do.”  Pushing in the bed felt very wrong so I asked for the squat bar.  They had to go looking for one and were concerned because of my epidural but I knew I could hang on it if I had help getting to it, I’d done it before.  Once I got up there, Sophie was being born very fast and everyone got all excited!  I found out later when I got copies of my medical records that I only pushed for 1 minute!!  By the time she was out, I came out of “labor land” and looked around the room and it was full of people, and there was this guy in there!  It turned out that he was the only doctor available, an ER resident,  so he came in just in case something went wrong.  As it were, they didn’t get ahold of my own doctor in time, because nobody expected a 1 minute delivery, and she missed the whole thing.  The nurse “caught” Sophie and by the time our doctor arrived, it was all over!  So, that’s the story, see how many days it took for me to tell it?  The good thing, even though it took forever and I did get some medical intervention, was that it started BY ITSELF and I didn’t get any pitocin at all… so even though I didn’t get the birth I wanted, I made peace with what I got and we had really awesome nurses this time!!!

Now on to the birthday.  She hasn’t had a croupy cough since Sunday night, which is great.  I am hoping the nursing and high humidity in her room stopped it.  But, nobody is feeling quite right, I feel like I have mono and Will and Sophie both have runny noses.  Clane’s throat is still gunky and we are all beat.  But, I am going to make some organic cupcakes later with cream cheese frosting!  And I don’t know yet what to have for dinner.  We had chicken last night so maybe I’ll make some kafta, which are Lebanese meatballs.  I haven’t decided yet.  If I asked Sophie, she might want us all to have oatmeal or something so I don’t know what I’ll come up with!  We didn’t get her a lot of stuff, a few puzzles and some play food that is wood from Melissa and Doug… and some clothes for spring.  Oh, and an Andrews Sisters CD.  She loves Frank Sinatra and I’m trying to expand her musical horizons… it turns out that when we are in the car, she ONLY likes Frank!!  He puts her to sleep.  It’s funny!

We will probably have a small party for her with family this weekend.  Her grandparents are still en route from Florida to Michigan.  But we definitely have to do something special today.  If not for her, for us!  Now let’s just hope we are all on the way to finally getting better and staying that way!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sophie!!

  1. I love how you’ve been telling her (and your) story! Wow ~ one minute of pushing, that’s unreal. I had about 20 minutes with Meredith, and I thought that was good! hehe 🙂 Pushed for three hours with Lucas, though. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sophie! Wow, I cannot BELIEVE that it has been a year!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie!!! This is what I get when I don’t check your blog for a few days…I didn’t get to read as you posted (bad Carolynn!)

    Seriously though, isn’t it amazing how much you remember of those little details? Give that big one year old baby a squeeze for me & then you all go to sleep & get better soon!

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