Remembering a year ago today… and croup

Out of all my days in labor, this day was my hardest.  I was just about to fall asleep around midnight and I started having contractions.  They were so strong I had to get up out of bed and stand by the bed for each one.  I managed to sleep in between them but I knew by 6 am that this was it and when I called my doctor and couldn’t actually talk on the phone, she said just to go in.

Long story short, I was about 2 cm Friday night when we went home.  Now it’s Sunday morning, 8 hours after the contractions stopped me from sleeping.  I’m still 2 cm.  I finally break down and accept some cervical softening.  I’d wanted to do this birth free of all medication but I was so wiped out that I just couldn’t keep going.  At 3 pm when they got me to a room, I was still 2 cm.  I had the prostaglandin and then some Nubain because I needed a rest, and at 10 pm I was still 2 but very soft and stretchy… finally I caved in and got an epidural about midnight.  So that’s 24 hours of contractions so hard (couldn’t walk, talk, move), long (over 90 seconds) and so close together (sometimes only 1.5 to 2 minutes) and I was still a 2, I knew I wouldn’t make it without sleep.  So, begrudgingly I got the epidural and an Ambien and finally crashed.  Between Friday morning and midnight Sunday night, I’d gotten 5 hours plus maybe 2 broken up hours Saturday night.

Fast forward to a year later.  Last night I was up with Sophie because now she’s got croup.  It scared the crap out of me when she first sat up in bed barking like a seal (that’s really exactly what it sounds like).  Of course epiglottitis came to my mind immediately when I heard her make such an awful noise while breathing IN.  Kids die from that.  I got ahold of the doctor covering for mine and he agreed that he also thought it was croup and I should bring her to the ER if she ran a fever or had a bad spell or was struggling to breathe.  We ran the vaporizer all night in her room, and I slept with 1 ear open all night next to her, ready to get up and leave at any moment.  She had a couple of short barky coughing spells last night but she hasn’t had any this morning.  I called my regular doctor and she didn’t need to see her today, but did say that RSV is going around (great) so I should keep an eye on things and call her if there is shortness of breath or a fever.  So far, she has coughed a few times today but they sound like normal coughs now.

Plus I’m not feeling great.  I don’t have a fever but I do have a funny headache and even though I had a chance to sleep a little longer this morning, I couldn’t get comfortable because all my bones ache.  Isn’t it lovely?


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