A year ago today!

I had gone to bed around midnight (like I said in my last post) and woke up at 5 am!!  NO CONTRACTIONS!  I was SO bummed.  I finally got out of bed and went to the living room and sat and cried.  My first baby was gone (at grandparents from the night before) and my other one wouldn’t come out.  It was SUCH a bad day!  I made my husband go get our son as soon as it was a little later in the morning.

After spending the day moping around, I finally wanted to go out.  We went to Quizno’s for dinner, then went to Hollywood Video and rented some funny movies, then after that, we spent about an hour wandering around Wal Mart.  When we got home, I put Will to bed (he nursed), had a beer (LOL) and crawled in bed with a book.

I’ll update it more tomorrow.  (I just want folks to get an idea of how LONG this took!)


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