What the…

Only 8 hours?  Really?  #*(&$(*&#$

The more Sophie walks, the less she sleeps.  I know this is normal and I shouldn’t be surprised.  But, when it’s me FINALLY getting her to STOP fighting sleep at 11 pm, and it’s me she wakes all night, then it’s me she wakes for the day at 7 am… IT’S ME WHO IS GETTING PRETTY ANGRY ABOUT THIS!

Part of the issue is that she is trying, I think, to give up her second nap.  If she doesn’t take a second nap, she is asleep within minutes just after 8 pm.  If she takes a second nap, and believe me, you don’t want to be around her when she needs one, she suddenly is up later than I want to be!

So today, she is not getting a second nap, and I don’t care how horrible things get around here.  So, if you decide to come to my house today, be prepared for a lot of screaming and crying from a kid who can’t figure out where to put her sleep.  Day or night.  I’d prefer night, but those nap-breaks during the day sure are nice…

They do grow out of this, right?  I mean, Will probably won’t be crawling in bed with Daddy at midnight when he’s 13, right?  What is that, 10 more years of hell plus whatever Sophie dishes out?


3 thoughts on “What the…

  1. yeah that dropping the afternoon nap thing totally sucks. but it might get better once she settles into a routine… (here’s hoping)
    most days now i get 1 1/2 – 2 hours from midday which is brilliant, except for today when we got 10 minutes, but i’m blaming the new teeth starting to pop through. xx

  2. THis is a problem we have too, because the daycare insists Liam have a two hour nap and he DOES NOT need it. So meanwhile I’m at work and school all day, get home at 10:30pm and he is still wide awake and stays awake for hours. Then we get back up at 6am to start the next day. Its slowly killing me, I’m sure.

  3. Big hugs…Spencer is changing to 1 nap, too. But his is around 12:30…or 1:30…or 2… Hopefully this will all be fixed when the rest of his teeth come in…only 7 more until we’re done (other than the 2 year molars…).

    Now if only we could all get healthy, then we could visit again!

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