Snow Soup

My son has a thing about temperatures.  He likes food, and baths, COLD.  He would rather eat cold leftover mac and cheese straight from the fridge, than have me heat it up.  Anything that is slightly warm to the touch is too hot for him!

So, tonight I thought I would make chicken soup for dinner.  I had some bones and frozen parts in the freezer, and some good egg noodles, so I put it all together and it sure tasted good.  (It was only about 2-3 above today, so it was a good day for it!)  The kids had enjoyed some chicken soup Clane had gotten while out to dinner this past week.  We usually run into at least one issue with Will at dinner time.  I asked him if he wanted an ice cube in his soup.  Well, we have no ice maker (I use trays) and I didn’t have any ice made at all.  Then, I had an idea.  No, my mom never did this for me that I remember, even though I grew up in a very snowy place.

I opened the front door (by now it was about 0 out), took a coffee cup and scooped up a cup full of snow from just outside our front door.  I put it down at Will’s place at the table with a spoon and his bowl of soup.  I said, “Here is some snow soup, just for you.”  It was a hit.  It must have been one of the most pleasant dinners we’ve had at home with him in a very long time.  He happily ate his soup, putting little bits of snow in it here and there to watch it melt.  He even picked out the noodles and veggies and ate them all.  When he was done, he just had a little bit of broth left, diluted and cold from all the snow.

At least now I know he will eat soup as long as it’s winter.  Not sure what I’ll do when it melts!


One thought on “Snow Soup

  1. That is a rockin’ cool idea, Liz!! As for spring…you’ll buy a sno cone maker, of course! Crank out the snow all year around (but skip the nasty artificial coloring/flavoring syrup except for once in a blue moon…) 😉

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