Time to write…

But I’m not sure what to write!  I wanted to update this since I haven’t updated it all week, but I really don’t have much to post about right now.  I think my focus this week has been on my messy house.  Having two kids so close together (and high needs at that), being sick for so long with mono and being sleep deprived in general, my house has reached new heights.  I mean, the clutter has.  Having piles of clutter around stresses me out, so I’ve started to do something I swore I would never do – get work done while the baby is sleeping.  I actually feel better once I’ve done some work, things look nicer and it lowers my stress level.  I didn’t think I would feel better after doing chores while Sophie sleeps, but I do.  It’s the only chance I get to do anything!  Anyone who has been here knows my standards are already pretty low, and in my opinion, they cannot get much lower.

Sorting through the stacks of paper is going to be the hard part.  Filing is not one of my strong points (I would make a lousy secretary), and small children + filing cabinets are not a very safe combination (picture small fingers getting slammed and a lot of climbing).  I have a portable file now that I’m pre-filing stuff in for later and that is helping.  But I’ve got several boxes and several more piles that I need to deal with.  To me, that’s the worst part.  I think I tend to keep papers too long, and some I keep because I think I probably should, yet I never look at them again.  And it’s a pain to get all of them in their right place.  I’m hoping the portable file, and dealing with the mail right away when it comes in, will help.

My friend Cinnamonamon said it perfectly – that if she had places for everything, things wouldn’t be so bad.  I think that’s my problem here too, I don’t have enough bins/drawers/organizers to keep everything straight.  So I have been picking up little boxes and bins here and there, and occasionally have gotten some big ones.  Just getting a handle on a few little things has helped.   So, my plan now is to keep picking away at things and keep getting appropriately-sized containers to deal with it all.

In the meantime, I’ve been having a little bit of fun too.  I met a girl in Finland through Facebook, and we decided to exchange gifts for Christmas.  She sent me a lot more than I sent her, and then I felt bad, so I started to collect more things to send her.  Then I find out she has a box that’s almost ready to send to me!  So around and around we go.  I bought a few things in Florida (not going to ruin the surprise!) plus a few other things so hopefully they will enjoy them!  It’s our perpetual Finnish/American gift exchange, and it’s fun!

We don’t have big plans for the weekend, but I’m hoping to get a few odds and ends done around here.  Both kids have shelves/hooks to put up in their rooms and I need to keep picking at the piles.  One of these days I will get it looking nicer in here, my goal is to have the horizontal surfaces free of clutter.  So far, I’m not doing so well.  But I’m going to keep trying.


2 thoughts on “Time to write…

  1. Hey! I totally love this new blog design. I’m all about multiple columns here lately ~ not sure why! I love this font, too.

    Good luck with organizing and cleaning! I can *soooooo* relate. It’s next to impossible to clean with two small children so close in age running around. Like nailing Jello to a wall. *sigh* I feel like I just can’t keep up. Lucas doesn’t nap anymore, so I can’t have some quiet time to clean and get stuff done. He’s really good, though, and Meredith does take wonderful naps. So I’m able to do some things then.

    Neat about the lady in Finland! How awesome! My MIL would be envious! 🙂

  2. I hear ya girl; all we can do is keep trying. I wish dh would understand that even though I could use the sleep when baby sleeps, I’d rather be cleaning — or doing something! Cleaning when they’re around is a joke. Tonight I put the ‘tupperware’ lids away in the container & Spencer walked over, opened the cabinet & dumped them out. I put them in again, & he somehow knew, toddled into the room & destroyed them. dh wanted to know why we even bothered… lol

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