Just a few days before we are supposed to get on a plane to Florida, we are all sick.  Will kept his dad up all night and he is coughing and has a runny nose.  His eye was all goopy and red last night, so I put some of my milk in it, and amazingly, it’s better today!  (Behold, the wonders of ees!)  (Ees (rhymes with cheese) is Will’s word for nursing)  Sophie’s eye is looking a little red and irritated so I pumped a little milk and have been putting drops of it in both their eyes all day.  Hopefully if it was/is pinkeye, this has cured it.  I really, really don’t want to have to go to the doctor this week.  I went to Walgreen’s and came back with an arsenal of lozenges, suckers with zinc in them, Zicam, OJ, and Triaminic.  Sophie has been crabby all day and my husband doesn’t feel good either, and I feel like I have mono again (temp, sore throat, tired) but I always feel like that when a certain cute baby has kept me up for a good part of the night.

Otherwise, just trying to get ready to go, I don’t want to pack too much too early because I’ll forget what I packed.  But everything must be all done by the time we go to bed the night before we go, because if it’s not, we’ll all be angry and it will add more stress that we don’t need.

Yuck. Why couldn’t all of this have happened last week?  Or wait like 3 weeks?  😦


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