It’s another one of those days

You know, one of those days when the kids are both tired but refuse to sleep? Or not sleep long enough? I put Sophie down for a nap and 45 minutes later, she is awake and yelling. Then she spends the next 2 hours whining at me. She is just plain crabby, it’s probably her teeth, but at other times it doesn’t seem to bother her so, ??? Then, I find out later that Will got up at 6 this morning. That’s after going to bed around 10. He has been waking up a lot at night lately for reasons unknown. (He is 3 by the way.) He got the last of his teeth in this fall. So who knows what the problem is. I think he just wants his dad so he yells for him til he comes in. I thought all the cosleeping we did with him as a baby was supposed to “cure” that. When, may I ask? When he’s old enough to sleep with a woman?  Then, I put him down for a nap, and later when I’m putting clothes away in my room, I hear banging on the wall.  I go to his room, ask him why he’s not asleep, and he says, “I pooped.”

So in the meantime I am distracting myself by surfing through sock patterns on Ravelry. I want to make a pair of cable socks someday but I need to find a very easy pattern. If anyone has suggestions (it HAS to be EASY) please let me know! (Free is helpful too!) I have also put up some updated pictures of some of my stuff so if you’re a member, check it out. My username there is Finngarian.

We are talking about buying a new refrigerator. The only problem is that the ones we are looking at are now just between 35 and 36 inches wide. The space we have for our fridge is 31 inches wide. So that brings us to the question: How much do we want to rip up our kitchen? Thinking of that, plus the kids, makes my head hurt. Our kitchen needs to be redone anyway but if we only redo part of it, we really need to redo all of it. And since we are not finding property, we should seriously consider putting some money back into this house. We’d planned on redoing the kitchen at some point anyway, just wish we’d done it before kids. I know that these things always take at least 3 times longer than you think, so I would have to plan to live with a ripped up kitchen for a long time. There is so much chaos in this house, I might as well add a little more.

I will end with this. Picture this scenario. Will is rubbing something against the fish tank. I ask him, “What are you doing, Will” He says, “I’m cleaning the fish tank with my underwear.”


2 thoughts on “It’s another one of those days

  1. lol! And I thought it was crazy when Aiden tried to clean the tv with his belly/shirt the other day! Will takes the cake! 😉

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