Happy New Year and other things

We are home now, after a nice trip to the UP.  I didn’t get a chance to update here before we left, and I didn’t have a decent internet connection there, hence the large span between posts.

Something always happens to my sense of time when we are traveling.  The same 9 hour drive can feel like a lot longer, or shorter, depending on how things go.  And, once we get there, it feels like we have a lot of time to do what we want.  But then after a few days, I realize we only have 3 days left or whatever, then I’m sad because I am realizing we won’t be there long and I start trying to pare down what we need and want to do.  Then it’s the day before we leave and my mom and I sit and talk about all the things we didn’t do.  Well, we didn’t get to that this time, and we never did make it there.  Then we leave, and take the 9 (10) hour drive home again.  I’m full of energy as we try to unpack and get reorganized here, just to be all worn out and back to “normal” a couple of days later when we are back to our old routine.

We did have a nice time in the UP.  It is incredibly cold in my mom’s house and by the end of the week I found myself sleeping with two shirts, sweat pants and wool socks just to be comfortable, underneath a mountain of blankets.  We did have a nice time exchanging gifts with my side of the family and we all got a lot of nice things.  My mom had been sewing and knitting and made a bunch of doll clothes for Sophie.  We went to church Christmas Eve with my mom (to her church, which I hadn’t attended in close to 20 years) and the next day we had dinner at my dad’s (didn’t know you could turn venison shoulder into something resembling ham… yum!).  We saw some old friends and took naps and it was all in all a quiet week.  I had been hoping for a good UP rip-snorting snow storm in the middle of the week because it might have been fun for Will, but all we got was garden variety normal UP snow, 2 inches here, 3 inches there, maybe 4 or 5 came one day.  It always amazes us how well they keep up with the roads up there.  You don’t notice it until you live somewhere else.   It’s normal to get 8-10 inches of snow over the course of a week or less, and nobody blinks an eye.   The main roads are always scraped down and sanded many times a day and the side streets even get done at least once a day.  Here, our side road might not get plowed for a couple of days depending on what happens.

The kids are doing fine, Will is totally glued to his daddy right now and Sophie got two new teeth just in the past few days.  They are all coming in out of order which is kind of funny!  She has a snaggletooth on top.  She has taken her non-sleep at night to a whole new level.

So now I could get into all the things I want to try to accomplish now that it’s the start of another new year, but I won’t.  My life will keep going on as it has, the start of a new year doesn’t really give me the sense of a “new beginning” like it does for many or like it has for me in the past.  I always hope for good health (and more sleep of course) and that we try to get a few things done, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same thing as it was a week or two ago.  For today, I need to finish unpacking and get groceries and maybe put in a load of laundry, and later we’ll go to Saginaw for a while.  Tomorrow brings us back to our usual routine.  I have a glimmer of hope that I won’t struggle through each day like I did up until our vacation but reality is that I probably will.

I need some coffee now.


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