My Arab friends

A while ago, I posted about how much I love Middle Eastern food and how I really need some Arab friends.   I don’t believe this 100% of the time, but I do believe that what we dwell on, we often manifest.  So, just to see what would happen, I pictured myself with a bunch of loud, happy people of Middle Eastern descent, feeding me all this lovely food.  I hoped and wished that somehow, some way, I would just happen to drop into a group of Arabs who were willing to have my goofy self as a buddy.

Then, I met Sabrina.  Sabrina is a very sweet Muslim woman who is American (Swedish, actually) and married to a Tunisian man.  She lives in Saginaw and they had their first child a few weeks ago.  We met at La Leche League and became fast friends!  We have gotten together numerous times.  She has a friend who is from France, but is also Tunisian.   Her husband (also Tunisian) is here working and she’s here on a visa.  She speaks very little English but is learning quickly!  I met Sabrina at Nadra’s house yesterday and of course got fed well (second dinner).  We talked and laughed and it was all quite fun, we joked when they had to put their hijabs on when their husbands were coming home from work, because I suddenly felt the need for one too (even though I didn’t).  We laughed about an American slang dictionary that had racy words in the back!  And we ate some more.  And today when they all came to my house to visit, the belly dance music came out and we all had a bit of fun!  It was so wonderful and fun to spend time with people who grew up so differently than myself.  Even with the language barrier, we still managed to make it work.   I will always look forward to spending time with them both!  I find other people endlessly fascinating and really am getting such an appreciation for others.

Then, at my weekly playgroup here in Midland, I met another girl, she is Syrian and her husband is Lebanese.  So suddenly, I have Arab friends coming out my ears!  And that’s just fine.  Nadra and I joked about her son and my daughter marrying someday, and I joked that I would have my Arab family!  (I myself am not Arab and neither is my husband, so that would be the only way.)  That as long as they fed me, I would be happy.  🙂  (Her son is only 5 months old so it’s likely a long way off!)   I have decided I am just happier with a lot of people around, and I need to have others to my house regularly.  Being here alone (not technically because the kids are always here, but not adults) every day just isn’t good for me, and I feel so good when I am with people.  We were loud and laughing and it was so very nice.  Will cried so hard when his friend Joey had to leave, then he fell asleep on the living room floor.  Sophie is taking a nap now too and soon I will need to go make dinner.  We are going to have a stir fry tonight with chicken.  Elizabeth left a ton of oranges here and we cut them all up so I’ll be eating them for the next few days.  That’s ok.  They are good for me.


One thought on “My Arab friends

  1. Hi Liz
    So neat to hear about this, it sounds a ton of fun!
    Sounds like you are all great, as are we, it’s been far too long!

    Oh and the post above… tabout Will thinking he owns Sophies toys… we have the EXACT same drama in this house too… today it was Hend giving Hamza’s toys to HER toys to play with! (did you get that?) LOL

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