Oops, here we are back at Monday again!

It’s morning and I’m waiting for my coffee to get done cooking.  There is nothing like a good cup of percolator-brewed coffee to get your day started.  Right now I’ve got some Lebanese coffee in it flavored with cardamom.  Makes the whole house smell good!  I forgot the brand name offhand but you can get it at Yasmeen’s in Saginaw.

This past week was a pretty normal week I guess.  I knitted my first mitten, which came out nice.  I didn’t realize my hands were so big or so long.  Mittens are a lot of fun and I plan to make many more of them!  We bought a tabletop tree to take to my mom’s for Christmas and we wound up putting it up here on a table, so Sophie can’t pull it down and eat it.  We did a little Christmas shopping too, we still have more to go, but we made a bit of a dent in it.  We bought some books to exchange with a girl in Finland, she is sending us some Finnish DVD’s for the kids.  Our address change was finalized and I will see if the post office put the change of address stickers on our mail yet.  At least I got to talk to our mail carrier to explain what was going on.  No surprise, the county had not told them anything about it yet!  I also made a cloth bag for my knitting, it came out looking OK until I put ribbon on it for handles.  But I was pressed for time and didn’t have time to properly sew them from fabric.  And I didn’t change the thread color either.  But it’s functional!  I also took the lime green bag Autum gave me as part of our yarn exchange and sewed some sushi fabric to the inside and put a pocket on the outside.  I’ll try to get some pictures.  (I always say that!)

I finally figured out how to take decent close ups with our camera.  That thing does so much stuff, there is no way I will possibly ever understand it all.

Sophie stood up for 3-4 seconds this weekend before sitting down.  And, it was controlled too, she didn’t just fall down.  She keeps getting closer to walking, I think she just needs the confidence to let go.

I saw our laundry basket last night and thought, now how did that happen?  I need to get going on that today.  It’s a never ending pile.  Same with the dishes.  One of these days the kids will be big enough to do their own!

Oh, and Sophie woke me up at LEAST every 2-3 hours and nursed all night long.  So the night before was definitely a fluke.  We’re back to where we were.  So goes life with a baby.   And Will called one of our Christmas ornaments “beautiful” (it was a blue wooden soldier that came in a set of wooden ornaments that I bought after the cat knocked the tree down and broke my glass ones about 11-12 years ago!).  It was cute to hear him say that!  It’s neat to see his language continue to mature and change.


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