Blue Monday

Mondays just stink.  I usually don’t have anything nice planned for them, and today is no exception.  Oh well.  Only two days til the middle of the week and that’s not a bad thing.

I love blog stats and recently saw that a couple of my posts with pictures were getting WAY WAY WAY too many hits for my comfort level.  So, I took down the pictures.  I might go into Photobucket and delete them actually.  I don’t like that feeling!  (It’s OK, though, if my friends stalk me and keep checking for new posts.  You already know that I do the same thing to you!)

I decided to get started on some mittens and a matching hat for myself from my Mountain Colors yarn that I got recently.  The colors are so pretty and I’ll get some pictures up when I get started.  If you’re on Ravelry you can go see it in my stash, my user is, of course, FinnGarian.  🙂  I just wound up a ball of it and did a small swatch, and I really love it!  So I can’t wait to get going on that.  I managed to finish a sock out of Tofutsies yesterday and got going on the second one.  I really don’t like having to do two socks, but the alternative (other than doing them together, which I haven’t learned yet) is having one foot and I’m not keen on that.

The toe-up sock is coming along well!  LOVE Knitpicks Felici sock yarn.  It’s SO soft!  And the colors are so crisp, it knits up very clean looking too.  Very nice.  I’ll be definitely shopping at Knitpicks!!

I am exchanging some Christmas gifts with a family in Finland!  They are sending us some Finnish DVD’s for the kids to (hopefully) learn some Finnish, and I am going to send them some books.  They have an 11 year old and a baby so I think later today I’m going to load up the children and go to Barnes and Noble to do some shopping.  I need to get them in the mail soon!  I haven’t sent anything overseas for so long, the postage is probably going to send me into shock!

We looked at more property this weekend and I’m just not feeling the love.  It seems like there is something majorly wrong with everything we’ve looked at.  It’s as if the universe is NOT wanting us to do this yet.  It’s irritating!  It’s not that we are outgrowing our house, I think we could be comfortable in the same square footage, but the layout in this house is rediculous.  The living room is the most obvious (and easiest) room to childproof, but I cannot see ANYTHING from here.  I can see the front door from the computer, but I cannot see if anyone is in the driveway, I can’t see into the kitchen, I can’t see into the bedrooms.  And, the living room is huge, but one of the bathrooms is so narrow, that when my mom was here recovering from hip surgery, she had to walk into the bathroom sideways because the walker would NOT fit any other way!  I would have happily taken a few feet off the dining room to get a bathroom that was a little wider, and I’d have happily taken even 10 feet from this living room to make the bedrooms a tiny bit bigger.  Oh well.  We can make do with what we have, but with the real estate market being the way it is, you’d think we’d have a lot more choices!


One thought on “Blue Monday

  1. Have you gotten your new addy yet? We’re going to the Botanical Conservatory on Wednesday to get our photos done. I splurged and bought us new outfits! I’m so excited!!

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