Ravelry – my new addiction

As if I didn’t need to find more ways of wasting time on the internet!  Ravelry is a great database of yarnworks of all sorts.  You have your own page, and you can post what you’re working on, what you have in your stash, and look and see what other people are doing with the kinds of yarn you have.   There are also groups, message boards, you can add friends, send and receive messages, see what people have made with their knitting books, etc.  It is REALLY REALLY cool.  The problem is, there is about a 3 week wait to get in, but it was worth it!  It’s free too.

We are going to be under a winter storm watch tomorrow and Sunday.  We are supposed to get 4-8 inches of show, topped off by up to 1/4 inch of ice!  We’ll see how it all turns out.  If we get ice, I’ll be out getting some pictures.

I started a pair of toe up socks, and I think I like how they are turning out.  Took a little screwing around to get them started but it’s going ok.  The yarn is very soft (got it in a gift exchange – thanks Autum!!) and colorful and I think they will be nice socks.


One thought on “Ravelry – my new addiction

  1. You have now entered the dark side… you will never escape! lol

    Can’t wait to see the socks-in-progress! 😀 I hope it doesn’t snow too bad; I’m supposed to go to Lansing tomorrow!

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