Is “crap” bad?

Tonight while I was at our monthly La Leche League meeting, my husband and son had some guy time here with Sophie and me gone.  Apparently, Will was playing with his trains and parts of the track kept coming apart, and under his breath, he was muttering “Crap… crap…. crap…..”  This is a word I happen to use quite a lot.  I think it became apparent when my mom was staying with us for several months going through some medical stuff, and I STILL feel weird using bad language in front of her.  So, instead of the “s” word, I said “crap”.  My parrot was just about a year old at the time and she has never said “s***” but she does say “crap” on a regular basis.  I do still have a potty mouth (I’m half Hungarian, give me a break!) but I try to keep it under wraps since I am have two impressionable young people in my care now.  So “crap” it is.  Don’t you think it’s better than “s***”?  (See, I didn’t even use the whole word in this post!)

So, tonight my husband decided it was a bad word, and not just ANY bad word, but a word worthy of this:

A cuss can!!  And not only a cuss can, but a cuss can made of a 1/2 gallon ice cream container!  I mean, you would think that only the REALLY bad words would deserve such a huge can.  But no, my little “crap” word needs a 1/2 gallon container.  He even took the time to make it on the computer.  Don’t you think a pint canning jar would have been sufficient?  A 1/2 gallon container?  What the crap is that about?

I fed it two quarters tonight because I said “crap” twice while making my husband’s lunch.


5 thoughts on “Is “crap” bad?

  1. I love it!!!!
    Last week we spent some time in Chicago with my boss’s 12 year old son and Liam learned some HORRIBLE things from him. I’m seriously ashamed to be seen with Liam some days now! He actually walked up to my mom, lifted his leg and farted at her Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

  2. Hmmm, crap is my word of choice too. I’ve tried replacing it with “dang it” but now E says that, and I’m not sure it’s much more charming.

    My dh said he’s going to start a jar for “mommies who say SUCKS too much”….

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