Two projects completed!

I finished two projects last week and I just now got to taking some pictures of them.

The first one is a cable knit sweater, size 6, that I made for my son. It’s made from Lion Brand Wool Ease. It is the first sweater I’ve made and it was fun! I got it done in time for him to wear to Thanksgiving dinner.

The next project was a knit along that our little playgroup decided to do. It’s a garter stitch dragon hand puppet. I used Red Heart acrylic yarn (the kind that feels like carpet!). The mouth came out a little big. I’m making a second one and I might change the dimensions of the head and/or mouth and see how it turns out.  I accidentally sewed the head closed before I sewed on the eyes, that’s why the eye in the picture looks screwed up!

Now I’m back to working on socks. It’s gotten a lot colder out and I’d love to have 1-2 pairs done in time for winter!


2 thoughts on “Two projects completed!

  1. What did you use for the eyes? My first one is done, just needs eyes. It is well hidden away for Christmas (well not that hidden. Tyler doesn’t know it is done.)

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