Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving went pretty well.  Aside from all the stuff we’re most thankful for, I was also thankful that Sophie only woke me up twice the night before, just to nurse, then went back to sleep, THEN I got to go back to bed for a few hours once my husband got up.  However, last night, it was back to waking so many times I lost count, then getting up early and being pretty crabby.  Her third tooth broke through the skin, though, so that would be a pretty good “excuse” I think.

I finished Will’s sweater after having to redo the bind off on the neckline.  I bound it off too tight and when I tried to get the sweater off him, the neck left a dent in his forehead!!  So once that was fixed, it was perfect.  I promise to also take pictures of that soon.  I know I owe you one of that and one of the dragon.  I did make the Parker House rolls for dinner, but the recipe on the website is different from the one I have.  They changed it, I think there were mistakes in the first one, namely not enough yeast and WAY too little flour for the amount of liquid.  I tweaked it myself and they still came out pretty good, just not the same recipe that I linked to in my last post.

I honestly never knew “black” Friday meant that stores went into the black.  I’d always thought of it as “sinister” because I so very much hate Christmas shopping or any other shopping that takes place between now and the end of the year.  I hate even going for groceries because everyone is crazy, and if we couldn’t get enough, then there are all the clearance sales on December 26th!  What is up with that?  I can’t stand it!  I blogged about this last year when I said that I thought people should hunt and kill their own meat, because it would get some of this BS out of their system!

I do like purchasing Christmas gifts for my friends and family but I hate the excessiveness of it all, the crowds, people get angry (Heck, I leave home angry!) and act as though it’s a life or death situation.  What is wrong with purchasing ONE thing at a slightly higher price, then just buying less STUFF?  Did my parents run out at 5 am on the day after Thanksgiving to get me ALL the toys I wanted?  HELL NO!!!  What kind of message does that send to kids?  That they will get all the THINGS they want?

Is anyone else secretly happy when they hear the dismal predictions for this holiday shopping season?  Is anyone else a little glad to not be feeding our capitalist machine?  Does anyone else not care to run out and purchase cheap stuff made in China covered with lead paint, destined to poison our children?  (Ok so that’s a bit extreme but you get the point!)  Are we finally realizing that between consumer debt, the price of oil and everything else going up as a result, that we can’t keep going at this pace?

OH and the driveway people came by Wednesday and dug up a tiny bit of yard, placed the culvert, and left.  They haven’t been back since.  They said something about coming to work today, but we all know they aren’t going to come work today.  Typical contractors!  They were here for only about 20 minutes.  At this rate, the spray paint left by the Miss Dig people is going to be gone by the time they get started!


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