The holidays

This time of year is always good, because my husband’s work usually lets up a bit and we get to see more of him.  He’s got time off this week for Thanksgiving, then it’s only about 3 weeks til their Christmas break.  So usually the months of November and December aren’t as intense as the rest of the year.  Especially now with two kids, it’s great when he’s at home a little more!

I don’t have a whole lot of anything earth shattering to blog about today.  Some friends of mine who knit (we also get together for a very casual play group once a week) are doing magic balls of yarn for each other.  Long ago, people would give yarn as a gift, and as the knitter was unwinding the ball while knitting, little gifts would come out that were wound into the ball.  So we decided it would be fun to do this for each other.  I’ve got my shopping pretty much done for it (not telling who it is!) and we plan to exchange them next week.

We also decided to do a knit along and the pattern was for a kid’s hand puppet – a dragon!  It’s pretty cute, I finished mine this weekend (with prodding from my son) but I haven’t taken pictures yet.  I’ll post some when I do.  I had a ton of nasty Red Heart yarn to use up so this made a VERY stiff dragon!  It’s kind of like carpet actually!  LOL

We are going to have our driveway rerouted and that will be taking place either tomorrow or Friday.  Right now our driveway comes out onto a main road but we live on the corner of a side street.  So the new driveway will come out on the side street.  They are going to take out the old driveway and use it for fill, (it’s just gravel) and there will be a 6 foot ditch where the old driveway went!  We will have to figure out how to keep people from driving into it (hopefully it will be obvious enough).  We are also going to be moving our mailbox and our house number will be reassigned.  It will be done before Christmas so I’ll send out change of address notices with our Christmas cards.  It will be weird having a new address after having the old one for the past 9 years!  And we aren’t even moving!  I’m sure Will is going to enjoy the dump trucks and other equipment that will be here!  I don’t know what our new house number will be yet, I will send the form in when they get started on the driveway.

Not going to talk about Sophie’s sleep because it’s still pretty bad.  She is, however, walking a bit now holding on to your hand, just with one hand… she’s getting braver and braver!  She was 9 months old yesterday and now has been out as long as she was in.  She’s always been a good eater but she loves hummus and yogurt!  (Just plain, right out of the container, nice and sour!)  She even had a bite of my stuffed grape leaf I was eating yesterday.  She thinks drinking water out of a glass is hysterical and will do it as often as she can manage to grab your water glass!  I can see more teeth coming too, they are just below the skin.  It seems like they are taking forever!

We are having Thanksgiving dinner at Clane’s brother’s house, fortunately they only live about 10 minutes away so that will make things much easier.  I’m making bread, probably Parker House rolls.   This recipe is good and it makes a ton!


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