A 3 year old’s birthday

I have to say, I am feeling quite a bit better than I was the last time I posted.  I had another very rough couple of days after that, then, things seemed to be looking up.  Maybe it took a 3 year old’s birthday party to help lift my spirits, maybe it was because my husband was already up and he took the baby so I could sleep.  Whatever happened, I’m thankful and I just hope it gives me enough to float me through til Friday, when my husband is off work and maybe I can get another little recharge.

My son turned 3 yesterday.  Parenthood does something really weird to your sense of time.  Some days go by so fast it makes your head spin, and other days seem to last 1oo years.  We were trying to remember what we did before we were parents and we can’t.  We just don’t know!  We thought about the 3 years before Will was born, and we could barely remember what happened during that time.  (Actually one thing that happened was, we got married… but at the moment, we didn’t even think of that!)  I got to spend some time with my niece and nephew yesterday.  They are both in high school now.  I remember when they were born.  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago, but really, it was.  My nephew saw a picture of him holding Will when he was a baby, and he commented on how he (himself) looked weird!  I had to remind him that he was a little boy then!  And only 3 years later, he’s a full blown teenager!  It makes my brain ache!  I have to stop thinking about this now.

The party was nice.  None of us were feeling that great on Saturday, but since I’d bought all the food and had gotten a cake made, we decided to have the party anyway.  I made tacos (actually, stuff for a taco bar) and we had fresh veggies with dip, and a plate of meats and cheeses with little cocktail bread and spicy mustard.  (Can’t forget the pickle tray!)  The food was good, easy to prepare, looked great all laid out, and everyone kept going back for more.  (In fact some people stayed in the kitchen so they could pick!)  I also made some really good punch.  The recipe came from a friend of mine, it’s very basic:  1 2 liter of ginger ale, 1 can of frozen pineapple juice, thawed, and 1/2 container of sherbert.  I am guessing you could use 7-up or another kind of citrus juice, and whatever sherbert you want.  I happened to have lemon-raspberry.  I even picked up a punch bowl for the occasion.  You could easily double it for a bigger party.  The cake came from Hamiltons, Will wanted Nemo so that’s what we got.  It came with two squirt toys for the bathtub.  He screamed bloody murder when everyone sang Happy Birthday.  I think he doesn’t like people making a big deal out of him.  (I didn’t sing, for the record!)

He got some nice gifts, my dad sent a wooden train track set, and we splurged and got him Cranky the Crane.  (He’s cranky because he works 24/7 and never sleeps… it’s true!  Just watch the show sometime.  Hmmm.  Now I know why I’m cranky!)  He got some Thomas PJ’s, a remote controlled car, Candyland, a Leapster (with Thomas cartridge), and a Mr. Potatohead!  I also blew up a picture of the train I took when we went to “A Day Out With Thomas” for him to hang in his new room.  We had the party at 1 pm, and that was a good time for a party.  I was done and cleaned up by 4 and there was still a little bit of a day left.  Sophie held out fine, she was tired, but she did great.  They both have colds, and I found out from my doctor’s office today that there is a cold going around that goes on for about 3 weeks.  So that stinks.  And, I think she is teething too.

I was lamenting about not ever getting enough sleep, and my 15 year old niece said, “Don’t worry.  It will get better.”  And you know what… she’s right.  She’s such a sweet girl.  Wish we could see them more, but they are always gone with sports.  It seems like they wind up taking over your life, but that’s another topic for another day.


2 thoughts on “A 3 year old’s birthday

  1. Wow, sounds like it was a fun day! You always make me hungry when you talk about food! Love the idea of making a big pic for Will’s wall…I may steal it for Christmas!

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