Thursday night update

Sophie has been very clingy, Halloween was OK and the best part was walking in the rain, in the dark, at 48 degrees not including windchill, we got way more candy than any of us should ever eat. I also got myself some really nice sock yarn from a little yarn shop in Merrill, and I can take some pictures and post them later! I played the piano for about 1/2 hour today, it was nice, I just don’t get big blocks of practice time. Will kept running over to pound on the keys and Sophie is fascinated by the pedals. She can now reach up and play a few keys but she gets stuck, can’t figure out how to get down, so she stands there and yells!

My scabby cat is doing great – we switched to Revolution which is working like a charm for us. I wish I’d known about it many months ago!

Will’s new bedroom is set up except his bed is on the floor. We think it’s just a little too soon for him to sleep up high, especially since he needs a lot of cuddling and help relaxing before he goes to sleep, and we can’t go up there with him or we’d break it! So, we might get another mattress to put up there just for him to hang out during the day.

I’m on a big sock kick and have spent a lot of time knitting while the kids play. I’ll get some pictures when I have more to show for it. One, especially, has such great colors, it makes me happy just looking at it!

Very soon, I’ll be at 3,000 hits.  Will it be you?


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