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Yet another post about a little bit of everything!

The kids both have runny/stuffy noses and although I am feeling better than last week (the coffee is helping again!  Yay!), I am still not quite right either.  It doesn’t help that Sophie has been up for several hours in the night, each night, for the past 4 nights or so.  I think last night wouldn’t have been bad if her nose hadn’t been stuffy.  Ugh.  It’s always something!  I was just talking with a friend whose children are grown, they apparently did not sleep but they both turned out to be brilliant people!  So maybe mine are working out a cure for cancer, or perhaps, cold fusion!!

I decided I needed to finish some knitting projects I started a while ago so now I’m working on a pair of socks again.  I decided that when I’m done with these, I’m going to splurge on some really nice sock yarn!  I just haven’t decided which kind or what color yet.  But I want to work with some nice quality yarn and make some toasty, soft socks for myself for winter.  Knitting seems to be coming a lot easier to me now (I think it’s probably because I’ve just done more of it!) and I want to keep working on stuff.  It’s really relaxing!  Thanks, Cinnamonamon, for getting me hooked!  (Oh wait, that’s crochet!  Ha, I am so funny!)

We are probably going to carve pumpkins tonight.  That means I have to clean off the kitchen table.  *sigh*

No matter how bad things get here, with the kids not sleeping and me feeling (and looking) like crap (I also happen to be in the 20% of women who cannot lose weight while nursing, no matter what), it could always be much, much worse.  I frequent the message board at mothering.com, and there is a girl there who I’ve talked with several times before, she is a cancer survivor and just found out that she’s got mets to other parts of her body, including her brain.  She had to wean her baby who is just a few months old, and the clincher is, her sister died of cancer this past summer!  So, I don’t really have it that bad.  It’s not fair, that this is happening to her and her family… her poor mother, I can’t imagine how awful it feels to have lost one child and be threatened with losing another.

Well, Sophie has just informed me that she is, once again, on a nap strike.  She just will not stay asleep.  She is freak-out tired, but will NOT give in.  Not a good way to start off a week.  Thankfully I can get mini breaks in here and there with my knitting.  Let’s hope she gives in and crashes for at least an hour sometime today.  (And I don’t mean from 12-1 am!!)

I was going to take a picture of the socks in progress but I’m finding I am barely able to finish this post.  It will have to wait til another day.

Before I end this, does anyone know if kids just about to turn 3, go through an INTENSELY negative, and I mean INTENSELY, phase?  Because Will is making me want to rip my hair out.  Everything is TOO hot, TOO cold, TOO loud, NO I want to sit there, no do it here, no do it there… OH and it’s NEVER enough… we could go play with friends for hours and it’s not enough, he is like an endless pit of neediness/negativity that can NEVER be resolved!!!  It’s making me CRAZY!


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