For today

 I wanted to update my blog but I didn’t have really any ONE thing to mention, so I am putting together a mishmash of things that don’t really go, but they are part of my life, so I guess they do go.
I think I have mono again, or it is flaring up.  I feel like crap!  Tired, achy, slight sore throat, and for the past week or so, my ribs hurt so much when I wake up in the morning that I can hardly stand to lay in bed any longer even though I’m pooped!  Last night I was in bed at 10 pm.  I would have gone earlier if I could have… maybe tonight.  I just need to sleep and sleep and sleep… fortunately Sophie, even though she wakes up a lot (3-5 times per night) to nurse, she went straight back to sleep after and that’s always good.

I was looking at the ads from the Sunday paper just now (today is Thursday and I’m just NOW getting to the Sunday paper!) and I saw Crisco extra virgin olive oil… THAT is just WRONG!!!  I mean, come on!  Crisco?  LOL

The kids are all clingy today.  Sophie just ate a whole bunch of butternut squash that I baked last night and she loved it!  (So did the bird, and the cat… the cat?)  Will, of course, would not touch it.  That’s because it’s poison.

I need another cup of coffee.  Even though the first one didn’t really perk me up, I am now crashing from it.

What I really need is SLEEP but that won’t happen til tonight.

I was reading on Mombastic today, something a friend wrote, basically about honesty and helping others, but what to do if the person you are helping is lying and you know it but they would never admit to it… I’ll let you read it yourself!  But that got me thinking, when is it OK to lie (is it ever?) and how do you teach your kids when it is or not?  I think for starters, kids should be encouraged to be honest, because they might not encounter a situation where telling a “white” lie is appropriate.  I am really nonconfrontational so I would rather keep things at an even keel vs. starting an argument or causing hurt feelings, so I will tell white lies to keep that balance.  If I’m really backed up against a wall, I will try to be diplomatic about it (let’s use a friend’s new haircut as an example)… Friend: “No, really, don’t you just love my new hair?”  Me (in my head)”Oh my GOD it’s hideous” Me (out loud): “Uhh… yeah!”  Friend: “No, really, what do you REALLY think?”  Me (in my head): “God Woman just drop it!”  Me (out loud): “Well, uhhhh, it’s a little bit short for my taste, but, uh, yeah, you look, uhh… trendy, cute, yeah it’s good for you!  As long as you like, that’s all that matters!  Friend (in her head) “shut up you hate it” Friend (out loud): “Thanks!” Me (in my head) “OH thank GOD this conversation is over” Me (out loud): “Yeah! You’re welcome!”

So is it really OK to tell lies sometimes?  How about if you know you are being lied to and if you didn’t lie back, you’d be making things worse?  I think it is.  Even though we are all taught not to.  Now, how to teach this to my kids.

By the way, to all my friends who might read this, I love all y’all’s hair, I do!  I was just using it as an example.  No really!  It’s the truth!  🙂

It was cold this morning and there was frost.

My kids are driving me nuts today and my son wanted to go play with friends.  We spent most of the day at Carolynn’s yesterday  and now today he feels the need to be entertained.  We made some plans for tomorrow but it looks like today he will need to entertain himself.  I’m having the same conversations I had with my mom, and OH MY now I sound like her “Just go play.  I’m not going to entertain you all day!”

Sounds like a good place to end today’s entry.


2 thoughts on “For today

  1. Hope you get some sleep tonight! Noah’s been sick so I’m up with you. You should give me a call ;).

    This is a cool podcast (by LLL and Barbara Coloroso) about teaching kids about lying/morals/ethics and it directly addresses “white lies”. I listened to it a couple weeks ago.

    [audio src="" /]

  2. Yes, the White Lie conundrum…I dunno. My solution to it is to make a parallel comment that is not a lie. Using the hair example: I would find something likable about it that is true and comment on that, i.e., “The bangs really flatter your eyes!” or “It really shows off how shiny your hair is!” or “The layers really frame your face!” That way I’m neither hurting feelings nor am I lying. This is not to say I never tell white lies…but I do try to avoid them.

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