We had a productive weekend

We are making way for Will’s big boy room!  Yesterday we hauled all the computer stuff out of the office and I steam cleaned the carpets so that Will’s new loft bed and a few of his toys would be able to go in there.  I have to say, without the computer desks and everything else crammed in there, the room looks a lot bigger!  (Oh, and Oxy Clean gets stains off carpets in case you need something to try… just wear gloves though, the skin on my hands is fried!)  Clane had to replace a couple of boards on the loft and once they are stained and the whole thing is cleaned up, we can bring it inside.  The mattress spent the day outside on the deck yesterday (in our lovely – NOT!!! – 80 degree weather… it’s OCTOBER, people!!) sunning and airing out and I picked up some twin sheets too, so we’ll be all ready to go.  Hopefully he will sleep in there!  I think eventually he’ll think it’s pretty cool.  I will have to take some pictures of the room when we get the bed in it.  We are going to leave the filing cabinet in though because that sucker is so heavy, it’s not getting moved til we move out of this house!

The rest of the house is a total disaster now, since we were busy with other things, everything else got neglected.  I need to clean the kitchen something awful, the floor is filthy and I can’t stand it when my kitchen is dirty!

The computer is in the living room now which, I think, is good… problem is that now I don’t have anywhere to hide… *sigh*

Sophie has been sleeping pretty screwed up again (like when was it ever NOT screwed up…), she has been taking 3 naps, the last one being really late in the day, then not wanting to go to sleep for the night til 10, then getting up at 7 am, so she is tired and pissed a lot of the time… happened again yesterday and she decided she had to have a nap at 9 this morning (instead of her usual 11), which lasted approximately 30 minutes, so now she is up again and crabby… UGH I hate it when days start out like this!  At least Will isn’t moody, he got a good night’s sleep last night thankfully.  When he goes down at 10 and is up at 7 or 8, I KNOW the day is going to be bad…  she woke me up right after 12 just as I was starting to fall asleep and bounced around in the bed so I didn’t get to sleep til 1 and she woke me up probably 3 times between then and 7… someone needs to shoot me.

I need another cup of coffee… maybe that and some knitting will settle my nerves that are already jangled and it’s not even 10 am…


One thought on “We had a productive weekend

  1. another cup, then another cup …. yep, i’m with you there. we did try some night weaning for 3 nights. i’m shattered. i tell you i’m going back to feeding all night, i’d get more rest that way for sure.

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