We saw Jewel last night in concert!

I haven’t been to a concert in 17 years (had to count them!) so when my husband asked me about going a couple of months ago, I thought, sure, that sounds nice!  Jewel isn’t my favorite artist but I did really enjoy her first album.  I wasn’t crazy about the songs on her next one so after that I didn’t pursue it at all.  My husband picked up her latest one a couple of weeks ago so we could listen to it before going to see her live.

She played at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw, which is an old, very ornate place.  It really reminded me of the Calumet Theatre, but a lot bigger and probably a little bit better kept up (or maybe it’s a little newer, not totally sure of that).  I got a glass of wine and my husband got a beer and we went to find our seats, we were in the second balcony, 3 rows back and in the middle and it was a perfect view!  (Pretty far away still but we weren’t going to fork out $100 a seat for better seats!)  I was happy to see just two guitars, a microphone and a table with flowers on it and a cup of tea, that was it.  She didn’t have any other band members there, no dancers, nothing fancy at all.  It was very nice, she seems really down to earth and humbled that people still want to come out and see her play since music careers tend not to last long!  She gave a really nice show, talked to the audience, told some stories, took requests, came back for a curtain call.  I will probably check her website from time to time to see what’s happening.  It’s neat how a girl who grew up in Alaska with no indoor plumbing, had to pee in an outhouse at night in the middle of winter, wound up at Interlochen and then made it big!  She’s not popular like she used to be but who cares!  She is talented and down to earth, it felt like she could be sitting in your living room.  It was nice.  (And, I got to go on a date with my husband!!!)

I’d always thought that when we left the UP, we would take advantage of such a variety of different cultural/music/theatre stuff to do down here, but we really haven’t!  I used to be a theatre person myself, did a little theatre and some music in high school (accompanied the chorus on the piano a few times), I made costumes at the Michigan Tech Theatre for 3 years in college, and I was in a couple of different community groups right before we left.  I was even in an opera, La Traviata, as part of the Pine Mountain Music festival in 1998.  The whole thing was sung in Italian and we had to have it memorized and I had no idea what we were saying!  But it was fun and the costumes were cool, it was a really nice group of people.  We did that at the Calumet Theatre which now that I look at the websites, is probably older than the Temple, and probably not as well-maintained.  My dad still does plays all year round!  Maybe, someday, after kids, I’ll get back into that again.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to do things like that!

Our son spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house last night and it was weird waking up this morning without him here!  I called earlier to see what they were going to do and she said it all went well.  Sounds like they are bringing him home this morning.  I hope he had a fun overnight!


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