My life since I posted last

I couldn’t come up with a creative title today so this is what you’re stuck with!  Hmm… lemme see.  My mom got here Saturday and it’s really nice to have another adult in the house with me during the day.  REALLY nice!  Even though there are small moments of “mom getting on daughter’s nerves”, it’s still really nice.  (I can run to the shower, actually enjoy it, cook dinner without worrying about them hurting each other, etc.)

It was really f***ing hot yesterday, 91 degrees (dunno what that is in C for my European friends but I am thinking it’s somewhere around 35).  WRONG WRONG WRONG for October.  Just wrong!  Thankfully today won’t be as hot and tomorrow it will only be about 53 (that’s about 12).  Much more appropriate for this time of year.  How are we supposed to enjoy all the yummy fall foods and soft, warm clothes when it’s 91 outside?  I dislike the heat intensely anyway (half my genes come from as far north as Alaska) but in October it’s just wrong.

The sweater is coming along really well.  I finished the back, and I’m about 1/3 of the way done with the first sleeve.  I will be sure I post a pic of it when it’s completely finished, before my son stains it with spaghetti sauce.  Maybe I’ll lanolize it now that I think of it!  Wouldn’t that help with stains?

I have a sore throat today but I’m in denial about being sick.  I have been sick more than I’ve been well this year.  That sucks bad.  I just hope it’s a cold and not strep.  Guess I’ll find out in a few days.  Sophie’s got a mild cold right now too and has been sneezing in my face.

Speaking of Sophie, she thought she was done sleeping for the day at 6 am!!! (where’s the dizzy smilie?)  OH I was not happy.  After a long struggle, I got her back to sleep just before 8 and managed to sleep long enough to have some really screwed up dreams, then woke up feeling more tired than if I’d just gotten up at 6.  Will has been waking up early since we put him in his own bed but thankfully (and I’m REALLY thankful) he will just come out and watch TV, he doesn’t color the walls red or anything like that.  Otherwise I’d be screwed.

Plans for the week?  If I’m not feeling bad I’ll take Will to play at Carolynn’s tomorrow, and I have a turkey in the freezer I want to cook, I’ll make it with a bunch of sweet potatoes and give Sophie her first taste of meat.  Mom likes to go to Joanne’s so we’ll do that and I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my birthday money (from almost 6 months ago!!) at Michaels on some yummy soft yarn to play with.  I am also going to take advantage of live-in child care to get some cleaning done… I want to be able to use my sewing machine that is now buried in junk, which resides in my laundry room.  The bathrooms could use a good scrub too.  Let’s see if I can get 25% of that done.


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