I’m knitting again

I haven’t done any knitting since I was pregnant, and I think I got the bug from Carolynn (Thanks Woman!). I had started a fisherman’s sweater for my son when I was pregnant but now that I have two crazies, there is no way I could possibly continue to follow such a complicated pattern. Besides, it was in the size he wears now, and there is no way I would finish it any time soon. So I ripped it out. Here is the start of the new one. It’s just Patton’s Wool Ease.  I should also add that the pattern came from a Brunswick magazine that my mom must have purchased in 1965.  (That’s the waaaaay they became the Brady Bunch!)

When I was visiting Carolynn we figured out I was still knitting wrong. I got my knit stitch worked out, but when I got home, I found I was also purling wrong!!! So we finally got that straight and after ripping the cable sweater out a few times, I got in my groove.

Just to keep this child related, I’d like to have you know that DD got up at12, 3,5,6 and was up for the day at 7, DS got up at 7:30, DD has had one 45 minute nap and DS has not napped at all. DD just pulled herself up at the coffee table today. Now that she knows how to stand up, I hope she will go to sleep. When they don’t nap, I don’t get a break. That’s why I’ve been knitting all day and ignoring pretty much everything else (except keeping the kids fed, dry and (mostly) free of injuries).


One thought on “I’m knitting again

  1. Sounds like a horror of a night (and day). Sometimes when the Imp has not napped, or done a fly-by 20 min nap in the pram or something, I make a cup of tea and watch some dodgy program on tv and try to ignore him for half hour, apart from when he starts doing something mildly dangerous!

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