Last night wasn’t much fun. Sophie didn’t really go to sleep for the night til around 12:30 am, she was up and down all evening. The night didn’t go as bad as it seems like it should have but then my son woke up my husband at 7 am!!! And of course would not go back to sleep. He has been sleeping in a regular bed all week and I don’t think he’s tolerating it well. I think I am going to put him back in the crib just so we can get better sleep. I will have to find other solutions for Sophie, like just putting my bed on the floor. Will is so awful to deal with when he hasn’t had enough sleep.

Today I went to Meijer (big box store, like a super Wal Mart but nicer) to get our weekly groceries. Saturday afternoon is a bad time to shop. It was packed. And of course people tend to congregate around the free samples and then they run into people they know so they stand there and talk and block up the aisle. It’s the same at the deli. I purchased some reusable shopping bags and used them for the first time. They have had self-check outs there for a while but only for 12 items or less, and now they’ve added some large cart self check outs. Of course I always pick the slowest line possible and stood there for a long time. Finally it was my turn and since I had a week’s worth of groceries, I filled up the little belt thingy and once I had it all paid for, I then had to bag it up. (I love the shopping bags by the way!) As I was bagging, the people behind me started checking their order and sending their groceries down the belt! HELLO PEOPLE!!!! I am STILL USING THIS THING… do you mind? So they confused the Meijer worker by putting their stuff on this little shelflet thingy instead of sending it down the belt by my stuff… ANYWAY I got my bags packed and got out of there!  They ought to give me 10% off my order for wading through the BS AND using my own bags!

The shopping bags are cool because what would have used up probably 8 flimsy plastic bags fit nicely into only 4 of my shopping bags, that I get to use again next time. And if I don’t use the self-check out, I’ll piss off the cashier for sure!

Now my little crazy is fussing because she took naps today in 35 minute increments, had 3 of them, the last one was maybe an hour. She is crabby. I have discovered it has not taken me long to build up a caffeine tolerance, I used to only be able to drink 1/2 cup of regular and before I got jittery and now I can have two huge mugs of it and barely feel a thing. In fact sometimes I need the second cup to function. Giving that up is SO not an option right now. If I can’t get enough uninterrupted sleep, something has got to give.


3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. It’s amazing how 1 cup can turn to 2 cups in the blink of an eye. i think i’m pretty much now a 2 cup a day girl – what happened? The Imp happened and he’s 9 months on Thursday and he’s still blardy not sleeping. Might as well go and take out my wrath on some supermarket checkout assistants with my own reusable bags. The shock!

  2. I’m joining the increased caffeine intake club too!!! Used to make it a rule that I only had 1 cup in the morning to get me kickstarted….now I need another in the afternoon to keep me going!!
    On the shopping front, when I re use bags or take my own bags to the supermarket, I get points on your loyalty card, which turn into money off vouchers…a good incentive!

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