The full moon is making my kids loopy

There is something to the word lunatic.  The past few days, my kids have been freaks!!  Last night Sophie was up and down all night, like every 1 1/2 hours, but she didn’t always want to nurse, and let me know this by biting me.  She was very restless!  And, the past couple of nights, Will has spent the night in the double bed in his room, in preparation for getting him his own bed and “big boy” room.  He has been going to bed late and getting up WAY earlier than usual.  This morning, he was not being careful and poked her a couple of times (no lasting damage but it made her cry) and by 11 am I just wanted a good, stiff drink!  When it’s only 11 am and your day is already THAT bad, you KNOW it’s a bad day!  And when we went to my friend Carolynn’s today for playgroup, he kept fighting with her son who is only a month younger.  For some reason, there are always some “issues” between the two of them!  One is playing and it gets too rough, or the other one doesn’t understand the other’s way of “playing” at that moment.  Both of them are pretty intense kids, and although it’s not always this way, it can be at times!

So later on things got better but then we came home, I fed both of them and put them both to bed.  Great, you say!  Liz FINALLY gets a good break!  WRONG!!!  In the past hour and 20 minutes, I’ve had to run back to get Sophie back to sleep twice!  (She only had 1/2 hour nap this morning after FREAKING OUT for longer than that because she was SO tired she could hardly stand it!)

I just need today to be over.  I think it will be soon because I think I hear one of them now.


4 thoughts on “The full moon is making my kids loopy

  1. AAAAHHHH! Good grief! No break, huh? Those days are the worst… wish I could bring you a good, stiff drink! 😉 My little psycho is (thankfully) asleep; of course he destroyed the living room & knocked his big brother out of his chair repeatedly in the hour before my dh got home, but ya know…

  2. Ack! Those are the days that I just wanna go to bed early…then I realize I can’t b/c there’s a baby staring at me. Then I want to cry. I think Sophie taught Noah bad things about sleep!

  3. oh thanks for the new excuse, i never thought of blaming it on the full moon. what an excellent idea. the Imp has been a BIT loopy too recently and all i could think to blame it on was a snotty nose! 😉
    hope it settles down soon. our kids better get famous and make lots of money and support us in our old age huh?

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