Hummus or fruit salad?

I am going to a LLL enrichment meeting today on craniosacral therapy.  I really don’t know much about it, but from what I understand, it can help a baby who is having trouble breastfeeding or even sleeping.  Sometimes birth is hard on the neck and spine, and things can be gently eased back into place and it can help quite a bit.  So I’ll try to pass along some info about it later, should be interesting!

The meeting is at 11 am and we’ll have lunch/playgroup after that.  My son likes to play with her son a lot, he’s probably the only kid I know who loves trains more than mine!  He has a table with lots of tracks and different trains and they have a blast together.  I need to bring something for the potluck lunch and I don’t know whether I should make hummus or fruit salad.  I have a lot of fruit right now that should be used, and it would make a really nice salad (simple, but nice).  Hummus would be much less labor intensive (throw it all in the blender), BUT, my Muslim friend married to the Tunisian, is probably going to bring some traditional Tunisian food (or hummus, she said she makes that too), and I always feel a little bit intimidated… my hummus is kind of my own recipe and I didn’t grow up eating it, nor do I live with someone who grew up eating it!  But, it’s tasty and healthy and I am sure she would like it anyway, so I shouldn’t let that dissuade me.

On the sleep front, for the past two nights, Sophie has done very well.  She still nurses about every 2 hours at night but she is HUNGRY, she really eats well and goes on and on… and I’m laying there, like, “Come ON!!!” and finally she unlatches and flops to her back, all passed out… I think if I get to her before she is really awake, that’s the key to getting her back to sleep quickly.  She had food again the past few days and it doesn’t seem to hurt her when she poops anymore, so I think we are going to step that up a little too.  She really loves food, and she can feed it to herself (sometimes with help), so I think it’s time to start introducing a little more.  Solids didn’t help my son’s sleep at all but one can only hope… he was only nursing about 1-2 times per NIGHT at this age, rather than every 2 hours!

She woke me up early and I actually got to sleep by 11 pm so I feel pretty good (after a good cup of Lebanese coffee!) and I have the time to actually make something for my lunch contribution.  I think I am leaning more toward the fruit salad.  It is going to be warm today and that always tastes good when it’s warm.


One thought on “Hummus or fruit salad?

  1. I love a good fruit salad. But hummous is great too! HOpe it works out. Good going on the food front. The Imp just ate a huge dinner tonight, and I thought ‘oh great, I can test out the theory of them sleeping longer’. So then he had some milk, and threw up everything all over me. Suppose he’ll be hungry tonight then 😉

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