There is a leak in our kitchen…

Water has been the bane of our existence in this house!  We have always had water problems… from leaks to issues with our well water (hard and stinky and needs lots of filtering)… we tore up a bathroom that had so much water damage from leaky tiles for 30 years that we had to replace multiple studs and even part of the subfloor.  Now, there is a leak in the kitchen.  Clane had to take part of the cabinets apart to get to it because the original builders couldn’t manage to run the drain pipe straight to its outlet.  He found a right angle pipe that was loose, in fact it wasn’t even glued down, it was just sitting there!

We had talked about redoing our kitchen since we moved in almost 9 years ago but we haven’t… he asked me, did I want the cabinet ripped up or the basement, I told him, well if we rip up the cabinet, let’s just replace all of it and redo our kitchen like we’ve wanted to!  It turns out he was able to find the pipe just by undoing the lazy susan cabinet but it’s so nasty and gross that I don’t want to put it back in!  I’m sure if I rearrange things I can find homes for all the stuff that used to be in it.

So, I’m sure we won’t be redoing the kitchen (unfortunately) but you never know… I sure would love to!


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