Remembering 9-11, yet again

When I see all the footage from 6 years ago, I still cannot fathom that this happened.  Maybe it’s because I live too far from NYC or Washington, and my life, other than the general feeling of being afraid and angry like most all of us, it just feels so surreal.  The worst part is that I don’t think we are any better off, despite all the studies, the 9-11 Commission Report (which I read while pregnant with my son), all of the recommendations… so far I have yet to see many of them in place.  We are not improving our relationship with the Middle East (LOVELY people there by the way… every person I’ve ever met from the region has been SO nice, just really sweet), we haven’t participated in peace talks between Israel and Palestine in years, we are killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of our own soldiers, and for what?  We aren’t any better off.  My life has changed so dramatically since 6 years ago yet it feels like we are no safer, we aren’t on any better terms with anyone, the economy (at least here in Michgan) SUCKS, issues like health care and getting a fair (read: like other first world countries) amount of leave when you have a baby, “family” values… it all sucks.  It’s all about making a big buck here and if it’s not making anyone a big buck, forget it.

Sorry but I just feel like more people hate Americans now and I can’t do anything about it.


One thought on “Remembering 9-11, yet again

  1. Hi Liz, long time no talk. I have a wordpress blog. i put your link on it, but it didn’t work. also, it said i have make a comment first to get comments…or sonehting. i have made them here before…i don’t know. hope you are well rested.
    i’ll get caught up on your posts soon.

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