It’s a good chicken soup day

Today it’s overcast, about 60 degrees and probably going to rain later.  Good day for chicken soup.  My lovely Sophie decided to take 1/2 hour nap just now so she’ll get to come to the kitchen with me while I cook.  She gave me exactly enough time to get Will lunch and down for his nap, and not a second more!!

My chicken soup will consist of:  carrots, celery, onion, maybe a bit of garlic, water, chicken, chicken soup base and noodles from a package.  It won’t be much of anything fancy but it always tastes good!  My husband has a cold now too so hopefully he’ll enjoy it as well.  I’ll top that off with a loaf of bread made from frozen dough.  It’s homemade bread, cheating style!

We bought a wooden swing set and this weekend, got the thing home.  It took up every inch of room on the trailer and now we have to set it up.  Two of the beams are supposed to go 2 feet underground but I don’t think we’re going to do it exactly that way.  Will is excited but his slide is just laying in the grass!  Hopefully this week we can get it all set up.  It doesn’t look like it should take much, but that’s what I thought when we first brought the trailer there to try to take it home!  We wound up leaving the trailer and coming back for it in a couple of days because it was getting dark.

I haven’t been to a LLL meeting other than our own so tonight I’m going to the meeting in Saginaw.  I tried to go last month but the kids were sick.  They start at 6:30 so I shouldn’t be getting home really late.  I need to go pick up my produce order from our co-op first though, then I’ll head to the meeting.  Clane is going to let me know if he’ll be home early or if I should bring Will to his work.  Hopefully he will call me soon so I know what to do.

Well I should go start cooking… fortunately I just mopped the kitchen floor so maybe Sophie can play down there while I’m working.  She will probably start getting really crabby about 20 minutes from now because she refuses to nap.  I suppose she’ll crash in the car seat on the way to town… especially if I put Frank Sinatra on really loud.  She really likes him!  🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s a good chicken soup day

  1. Great minds think alike I guess. I just bought all the ingredients I need to put up a pot of chicken soup this weekend myself.

    Enjoy your soup!

    Mama Kelly

  2. We put chili in the crockpot this morning. Boy did it taste good tonight and we didn’t even have to figure out what was for dinner. That was nice. Now to figure out some other good comfort foods that dh will and can eat. He is not a big soup man and the chili is giving him heartburn tonight. William didn’t like it.

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