Haven’t updated in a few days

There really isn’t a whole lot happening… I’m recovering from my cold just in time for my husband to get it.  Sophie continues to have pretty good nights, then she’ll have a few pretty bad ones.  She has discovered how to get to the floor to creep from a sitting position, something that took my son ages to figure out!!  And she is getting faster, I’m not ready for this!  She continues to be really curious about food but finds pooping a lot more difficult, she’s not constipated but it’s a little more difficult than her liquid mom’s milk poop.  So, she is still nursing I’d say 99.5% of the time and having small tastes of things here and there.  She has loved all the fruit she’s tasted and she’s only had sweet potato and avocado for veggies.  I have access to such good, inexpensive organic produce that I haven’t bought her any baby food.  She is a little gaggy too so we’re just going easy, but she sure loves to eat.  And, her favorite of all is paper.  She loves to eat any kind of paper – receipts, newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, catalogs, magazines… loves it all.  I’ve had to fish spitballs out of the back of her mouth several times.

We bought a wooden swing set from someone in Bay City a couple of weeks ago and last night brought the trailer there to pick it up.  Of course it took longer to actually get the trailer into the yard because of a narrow opening in the fence, and then it took longer to break the thing down.  So, in usual fashion, it is taking longer to get it here.  The guy was really nice and said we could leave the trailer parked til we could get some help moving it, which will be this weekend.  Needs a little work but for $50 we thought it was a pretty good deal.

When I took Sophie in for her check up I found to my glee, that I’ve lost 3 pounds in a couple of months without trying.  I have never been able to lose weight while nursing beyond the early postpartum weeks so this was a delightful surprise.  I think I’ve been eating better, we rarely go out for dinner anymore and I am trying to make sure that if I do have treats, they at least contain mostly healthy ingredients.  I can get such great stuff through our co-op and I’m going to try some coconut oil to use in baking, I already consume a lot of olive oil and nuts, things like that because I get so hungry, I need to eat denser foods.  Now that (I think) the mono is finally gone, and the weather is going to get cooler, I’d like to start taking walks.  We have a nice nature center (Chippewa Nature Center) that has great trails and Will does really well out there now.  With 18 lbs of baby on me, it should help a little, no?  The only trouble is that I’m STARVING when we’re done, so it seems like I can’t ever burn more than I’m eating.  But, I must have had a 15,000 calorie deficit somewhere along the line.  Wish I knew what I did so I could keep doing it.  I have a LOT of weight to lose, I should lose at least 60 pounds if not more.  (And I am not kidding either, this would put me at the TOP end of the charts.)  20% of breastfeeding moms can’t lose weight but I think it’s probably more than that.

Delphi is having their annual Family Day this Saturday so we’re all going.  They have monster trucks, fun stuff for the kids, motorcycle stunts, a fire truck, plant tours, etc. so Will at least will enjoy it.  I talked to a friend today whose son loves trains more than any other kid I know (even Will!) and we talked about going to A Day Out With Thomas next year… and how fun it would be if we got train tickets for the same day and time!  If we can get ourselves together enough, maybe we can work that out!

I’m not doing much today, Sophie is asleep right now and I’m catching up on laundry.  Clane put a new version of Linux on my computer so today my job is to use it and see if there is anything that needs to be fixed.  So far, so good.  He said something burned up in my computer last night but today so far things seem to be working, knock on wood.


One thought on “Haven’t updated in a few days

  1. regarding losing weight; my friend (Jaimee from Fl) took a fancy (alternative) blood allergen test & stopped eating everything she was allergic to. She dropped 22 lbs! No dieting or exercising at all. Her body liked what she was eating & processed it better. Maybe you cut out something that was a mild allergen for you…

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