Big noise in Midland

There is this weird roaring that seems to be coming from the power plant, it started just after 8 pm when I was getting Sophie’s bed ready. It’s been going ever since. At first I thought it was a group of fighter jets flying over but then I decided to take a quick drive. We are several miles from the power plant but that’s where it is coming from.

Now the thing that puts this in the BS category is that there is this awful roaring noise that you can hear for miles, coming from the power plant, which is huge, and it backs right up against Dow Chemical. Whenever there is a loud noise that goes on this long, the city of Midland needs to get their ass in gear and inform the public of what is going on. There were no sirens, no odd looking clouds, no bad smell, nothing that would make me worried except for the noise. There is a number, 1-888-TELL-MORE, and when we called it, there was NOTHING. There is nothing on the radio stations, nothing online, nothing on TV. I’ll probably stay up to see the 11 pm news but it just really pisses us off that nobody is saying “yeah it’s a noise and we don’t know what’s happening at the power plant (or Dow) but it’s not dangerous and if it becomes dangerous we’ll let you know” – NOTHING!! You would THINK… someone would let folks know what they know! I am certain that you can hear it all over the city, we are out of town a few miles but the folks in town are a lot closer to the power plant. I’m sure they are curious too! I’ll update more when I find out more… in the mean time I can still hear the noise and it’s been about 1 1/2 hours now!! That’s a LONG time for such a loud noise!!

Edited Tuesday:  There was NOTHING on the noon news at all… the noise continued til well past midnight!!!  I can’t believe this town… ugh


One thought on “Big noise in Midland

  1. It’s happening again! I live in town and I noticed it last night about 8pm, Tues 10/7/08 and it never let up. It sounded exactly like you describe, and it’s incredibly annoying. And no clue as to what it is. I assumed it was something at Dow. Anyway, it’s still going on this morning, over 12 hours later! What in the world is going on?

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