Our short trip up north

Friday night when my husband got off work, we packed up the car and headed to his parents’ summer home in Au Gres, MI. It is pretty much his family’s destination for summer holidays and now that his dad is retired, they are spending more weekends there too. It’s a lovely house on Lake Huron, right on the beach! Unfortunately, the lake levels have been so low in recent years that the beach is all mucky and full of weeds, it’s a problem that many residents there have been upset over for a long time.

Sophie and Will both had their first boat ride. Sophie was tired and fell asleep as we were leaving the marina, but she woke up of course as I was strapping her on to me and putting a lifejacket on us both. Will was so lulled by the motor and the bouncing/rocking on the waves that he was almost asleep too, I was thinking he would fall out of his seat!

Sophie did very well in a strange house and bed, she slept with me of course and it went pretty well. Her second tooth came in the other day so I think she is finally able to get better rest. Her nights have been good, she nurses and goes right back to sleep, I’d say 2-3 times per night. However, she is up and adam at 7:30 am every day now and that’s just WAY too early for me! 😦 Especially since I only get about 2 hours at a time half the time.

Also, now I think I have a cold. My nose started getting stuffy Friday night, it’s not uncommon to get stuffed up when we’re up at the lake because it’s damp and kind of musty at times, plus, I’d picked up 6 very old Life magazines at a yard sale for 50 cents each! They are all from 1941, 1942 and 1951 and they are in pretty rough shape, kinda torn up and moldy/musty. I had blamed the magazines since my nose stuffed up worse after reading one of them, but we got home and the magazines are in the garage, and I slept all night in my own bed in the A/C and it’s pretty much the same. I guess after having mono/strep throat a plain old cold isn’t that big of a deal! I’d rather have this any day than anything else! I just hope I don’t give it to the kids. It’s too bad about the magazines, I love reading WWII/Cold War stuff. I am going to try putting them out on the deck in the sun and maybe they will dry out/freshen up a bit out there.

I found a few other things at garage sales, my mother in law loves to go to them and I’m getting to really like it now too! Found a cute pair of shoes for Sophie (black “patent” “leather” for 25 cents!) and some outfits, got Will a huge stuffed horse and I found the magazines and a couple of old church cookbooks. Those things have the best recipes, I used to buy cookbooks from Barnes and Noble, with the fancy pictures in them, but I don’t anymore because community/church cookbooks are better than anything else out there!

Today my husband is going to redo my computer. We are a Linux using family now and he needs to put a different version on my computer. (I am running Kubuntu now and I think he’s going to put plain Ubuntu on it today.) I have gotten to like it, however Firefox crashes a lot for some reason and there are a few other little things that irritate me that I’ve just learned to live with. So it will be neat to see how much better the upgrade will be. (Linux was invented by a Finlander, did you know that?)

Will had so much fun yesterday playing in the sand and playing everywhere, that he is still sleeping at 10:15 am… now if my sweet daughter would only sleep that long, OH would I be happy, I’d be drunk with sleep! *sigh*


One thought on “Our short trip up north

  1. “Drunk with sleep.” Oh, what a good description that is. I feel for you. 🙂 Ohhh, those church/community cookbooks are the best! The recipes come from people’s grandmas, so you KNOW that they’re absolutely delicious! 🙂

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