Sophie got her first tooth this weekend.  It finally broke through yesterday/today and I can see the top of it now.

Ironically, Will is just getting his last two molars in, finally.  Then he’ll be all done, and in a few years, all this work of getting through teething will slap me back in the face when they all start getting loose and falling out.  I told him that in a few years that would start to happen and he wasn’t very happy about it, so we’ve dropped the subject for now.

I have two teething kids, two in diapers, two nursing, and two that speak the same language.  Sophie was born about 3 years to the day that Will was conceived.  Hope they are best of friends throughout their lives.


One thought on “Teething

  1. I dont think I told you about Liam’s front tooth coming out:( I cried and cried and cried. I think I cried more than he did! He shattered it in 6 places and they had to just take it out. He has a little toothless grin now. Its sort of cute, but I hate that he has to go so many years without a front tooth now.
    His 24 month molars arent anywhere to be seen:( But with his delayed bone growth I guess its normal. I’m hoping they come in soon though!!!

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