A day out with Thomas

Today we just happened to see that “A Day Out with Thomas” was happening this weekend. On a spur of the moment, we decided we should go. We weren’t able to get tickets for the actual train ride, but there were a lot of other things to do. The whole event took place at the Huckleberry Railroad and Crossroads Village near Flint. It’s kind of like an old historical village where people dress the part and you can see them going about their business. There is an actual working railroad that is open for rides during the year and they actually have a life size Thomas the Tank Engine that pulls (or rather, is at the head of) the train! Will of course went nuts, he wanted a ride but we couldn’t get tickets… we got to see Thomas leaving the station though and got some good pictures.

Crossroads Village also has some barnyard animals (Will had to check out the “ees” on the mama cow!) and some old fashioned carnival rides. We had fun on those and had lunch. Sophie actually was hungry enough that she would nurse instead of looking up at the trees. Of course there was a big shopping area FULL of Thomas stuff (all made in China I’m sure) and by that time Will was fried. We tried to buy him a couple of things but he freaked out and pushed it away! He just wanted to stay and play with all the toys they had set up. It was after 5 pm and he was just done. I bought two books, one of them is a board book about all the engines and the other is a nice hardcover book of all the original stories written by Rev. Audry. I saw that book once at a friend’s house and decided I had to buy it if I ever saw it anywhere for sale.

We also bought a used wooden swing set with a slide and bridge on it today! We’ll have to get ahold of someone’s trailer and go pick it up from Bay City. It needs a little work but since those things run up to almost $2,000, we though it was a steal at $50, heck you can’t even buy a slide for less than $100!


2 thoughts on “A day out with Thomas

  1. Liam and I went to the Day out with Thomas back in June. He absolutely loved it. My boss’s wife is actually from England and she got me the original English Thomas books to give Liam for Christmas. They are so cool! I’ll have to send you some pics of our trip there later this week. Glad you had a good time!

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