Public Service Announcement from ThisFinnGarianMama

There are a lot of things I like about WordPress but one thing I really like is checking blog statistics.  I can see what posts get read the most often and even what people type into Google that eventually brings them to my blog.  As of now, the posts that get found the most often, by far, are about mono.  I’ve also had quite a few searches about scabby/allergic cats, and, strangely enough, Lebanese coffee!  So, maybe I’ll do a little FYI about my thoughts/information on these topics.

Lebanese coffee is awesome.  The kind I got is ground very fine, kind of like espresso, but I don’t make it like espresso.  I just brew it in my old fashioned stainless percolator pot on the stove (that thing makes coffee that will grab you by the shoulders and slap your a$$ awake in the morning!!).  I am sure there is a special kind of pot or brewing process they use in Lebanon, maybe the next time I’m shopping at Yasmeen’s I’ll ask them.  I like my coffee nice and dark and when I first poured a cup of this I was a little scared!  But it’s really very smooth.  Just limit your intake of it to the morning or you’ll be up for a week.  Actually that’s an exaggeration.  But it’s mighty good.

About scabby cats.  One of my cats is allergic to fleas, and I suspect is allergic to fish also.  When she has a reaction, her whole body breaks out in scabs.  They seem to be the worst around her neck and tail.  My vet said all it takes is ONE flea bite per WEEK in sensitive kitties like mine to make this type of reaction.  And, that fleas can come into your house THROUGH YOUR WINDOW SCREEN!!  Our cats don’t go outside but now they are on Frontline forever.  I was just getting P. cleared up when it became summer again and now we are back to square one.  It’s kind of gross petting a scabby cat.

Mononucleosis is a viral illness caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.  You can wikipedia it but I believe it does something funky to the nuclei of your white blood cells.  Most of the time it is not harmful but it is a huge pain in the butt.  It often comes with strep throat but not always.  It is spread by saliva which is odd for me (since I’m not a college student kissing a bunch of strange guys) but maybe not that odd since my 2 year old touches everything, then licks me… go figure!  Mono basically makes you feel like you are getting the flu pretty much every day for months.  Fatigue, fever, body aches, night sweats, headaches, sore throat… oh and did I mention that no matter how much sleep you get you still feel like shit?  Since it is viral there is nothing you can do but let it run its course.  You are also contagious for several weeks before you get symptoms.  One test for diagnosing it is the Epstein Barr virus titer, which shows antibodies to the virus.  You can get two different kinds, one shows if you’ve had the virus in your body for weeks, the other, for years.  And, it can flare up, if you don’t get enough rest or are under too much stress.  I have read that you can’t get it more than once but I know several people who have had it twice.

There, now I’ve posted about the three most popular subjects in my blog.  I’m actually doing this just to see what happens to my statistics, not because it’s exciting reading or even that interesting!  I think one of my other hot topics was pregnancy but I posted about that so much that I don’t care to go back and revisit it.


5 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement from ThisFinnGarianMama

  1. My Dh has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and has a chronic EBV infection, so I know what it is like to live with someone who has the ebs and flows of mono or mono-like symptoms.

  2. I am freaking laughing my @$$ off at this… “(that thing makes coffee that will grab you by the shoulders and slap your a$$ awake in the morning!!)” that is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in a long time!!!!

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